Cap That Turns Your Game Video Into T-Shirts, Phone Cases

Here at Game Front, we spend a lot of time taking screenshots and capturing video for our YouTube Channel and other various endeavors. That’s why Cap That, a new service that allows you to turn those screenshots and videos into personalized gear, sounded very cool to us — we have no shortage of images to use.

It’s an interesting idea. offers a variety of items onto which you can put images, including T-shirts, iPhone cases, and even wall prints and controller skins. There’s no shortage of things you can make and order, and all of it can be as cool as you want it to be because you can actually use just about any image you want. With the release of Assassin’s Creed 3, Cap That featured a number of AC3 images turned into giant pieces of art, phone cases and shirts, and they look pretty slick online.

I spent some time messing with Cap That recently in order to see just how it would work, and it turns out, I didn’t need to spend all that much time with it at all. The service is actually extremely fast and painless. When you show up to, you start by uploading a video or image. You can use a full video and find precisely the still you want to use, so if you’re using FRAPS or something similar, it means you can actually take footage of yourself playing a game, find something awesome like a great kill or other moment you want to memorialize, and turn it into something.

For our trial, I decided to do something a little goofier and used footage from one of our James vs. Games episodes. I found the still I wanted and was able to instantly slap it onto a shirt, with the whole process taking maybe three minutes. I spent most of my time deciding what still to use and messing with the image’s borders. Here it is:

You can also share the things you make on Facebook by signing in through Cap That, and you can watch the videos other people have uploaded from which to make their stuff on the site. So not only do you get access to making your own things, you can buy things other people have made, or capture their videos for your own use to make new things. It’s a pretty robust system, in fact. If there’s a drawback, it’s that it seems you don’t get too much capability for adjusting the placement or sizes of your images.

That seems like a minor drawback, however, and necessary to streamlining the process of applying just about any image to all the myriad products available through Cap That. You can also apply a number of filters to the image to make it look even cooler, if need be. You can even access images from Instagram and other services, if that’s what you want. Prices vary depending on what you’re creating: the T-shirt we created, for example, went for $25, but phone cases skew lower, while wall art can get more expensive.

It’s going to take a few days for the shirt I made to show up, but when it does, James Heaney himself will sign it — probably while crying — and we’ll be giving it away, along with a code to make your own item on Cap That for free. So stay tuned, we’ll be following up with more details soon.

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