Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Resurrection DLC Walkthrough

The Lords of Shadow are vanquished, but there’s more work to be done for Gabriel Belmont. It’s not exactly clear when the second batch of downloadable content, titled “Resurrection,” will hit Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, but when it does, you can be sure our crack squad of vampire-vanquishing holy warriors will be there to lead you through all of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’s environmental puzzles and monster-hunting action. Check back after release for the first updates, and hit our Achievements Walkthru and Trophies Guide at the same time for the scoop on how to maximize unlock everything the new DLC has to offer.

Table of Contents

Chapter XIV

  • Get ready for some RESURRECTION. Select Chapter XIV to get started. If Chapter XIV does not appear, make sure you’re connected to Xbox Live to download the latest patch.
  • Dimensional Prison

    1. Stepping out of the Dimensional Rift, Gabriel finds himself in the otherworldly prison. Take a look around if you want, the Forgotten One is just up ahead through the red crack in the black walls.
    2. The huge gap leads into a short corridor of red stone. Run forward until stopping at a large metal grating blocking your path inside a circular arena. Step up to the door and be ready for an ambush.
    3. This is the first of many tricks battles. Three swordmasters and ten reapers will appear and try to surround you. Reapers can knock off at least half your health in a single strike, so fight them at a distance and don’t let them surround you.
    4. Ignore or dodge the swordmasters for now, reapers are powerful but are very weak, they only take a few hits before they’re destroyed.
    5. If you need a breather, Fairies are good at holding swordmasters and reapers. Try using daggers on reapers, they’re especially vulnerable to them.
    6. Once all the creatures have been destroyed, interact with the glowing shutter. You’ll be prompted to mash down on one of the face buttons. Do it to tear open the shutter. Roll forward to get underneath and into a large lava chamber.
    7. The Forgotten One shows himself. He’s huge, and most likely the toughest boss in the game, not to mention one of the longest. You’ll have to deal with him later, your goal now is to chase him up the pit.
    8. After both cutscenes play out, double jump to the ledge right of the doorway. After another short scene, launch your chain whip to hold onto the grappling point and climb up.
    9. Climb up, then run along the wall left, letting go of the grapple and double jumping up to the glowing ledge.
    10. That draws the Forgotten One’s attention. Quickly climb left then jump up to the ledge above to hide behind the thin wall. The Forgotten One will take a look around, wait in your hiding spot until he’s finished.
    11. During this climb, the Forgotten One will periodically search for Gabriel. Don’t let him catch you, if he does while at full-strength, he’ll kill you instantly.
    12. When the Forgotten One gives up, he’ll climb back upwards and smash the ceiling. Drop down a ledge and climb right until you can use the grapple point above.
    13. Once grappled, climb the wall until the camera shifts to a ledge across the pit. Jump off the wall and double jump to reach the ledge.
    14. If you didn’t notice, you’re on a time-limit, the lava is rising and if you don’t want to become molten Belmont, try to hurry.
    15. From the opposite ledge, look left for a glowing chunk of metal blocking your path. Grab it and mash the displayed button to pull it off. Really mash hard, if you don’t you’ll lose your grip and have to start over.
    16. Jump to the newly revealed ledge and climb right. Hop up a ledge, then leap across the pit to another glowing ledge. Climb up to the next two ledges, and climb left over the corner. Having climbed onto a new facing wall, jump up to yet another ledge.
    17. From this ledge, you’ll see a large gap in the hand-holds. Cross over and continue to climb left, jumping another gap and crossing another corner.
    18. Now you should see a flat surface, the problem is jumping up to it. Leap up to the ledges above, climb just left, and drop onto the flat surface.
    19. By now, the lava should be looking uncomfortably close. Tip-toe over the beams, keeping careful balance as you cross them. Stay off the edges and stick to the center to avoid tripping off and falling.
    20. Over the beams, jump up to a glowing ledge to reach a higher floor. Look right for a circular wooden ramp leading up. Jump to it and start running.
    21. The spiral ramp can be tricky, the lava starts to rise much faster, so you have to keep running. Sections of the ramp will also break and fall, so jump the gaps. A single jump should be enough, avoid double jumps, they’re difficult to control from this perspective.
    22. Run fast enough and don’t fall into the lava, eventually you’ll reach a flat wooden platform. Jump to it and the lava will stop rising. Hop to the glowing ledge, and stay on the left-most side. Jump to the ledge above to trigger a cutscene.
    23. The Forgotten One is back, and he’ll look for you. Jump up to three more ledges to hide behind another thin wall. Move fast before he looks.
    24. When the subtitles helpfully inform you that the Forgotten One hasn’t seen you, drop down two ledges and climb right to jump up the right side of the thin wall you just hid behind.
    25. Jump up three ledges to trigger another cutscene. You’re now in the center of three separate ledges, you’ll have to jump to the left, right, or center to avoid falling debris.
    26. If you’re hit by any of the twisted molten metal, it’s an instant death.
    27. Here’s a short list of where you need to be in order: center, left, center, right, center, left, center, right, center, left, center, left.
    28. Keep an eye out and be patient. The easiest way to tell where debris is falling is by looking for the red glow before you see the actual debris. Make sure not to jump into any of the debris as it falls, too.
    29. After navigating that, the Forgotten One will trip and fall into the lava. Now he’s nearby again, grapple and climb to the ledge before he sees you.
    30. Jump up to another ledge above and grapple the chunk of metal. Again, you’ll be prompted to mash a button. Really mash on that button to rip the metal off and continue your ascent before the Forgotten One catches up.
    31. Ripping off the metal reveals a grapple point. Grapple and climb up until the camera pans over to another ledge. Jump off the wall, then double jump to reach the glowing ledge.
    32. Nowhere to climb now, right? Not exactly. Wait a few seconds, this can be tricky. Look above you, you’ll see black rifts in the cliff face. New ledges will appear there, so wait on the right-most side of the ledge you’re on.
    33. The Forgotten One will jump onto the same cliff as you. As he climbs, the black rifts will crumble and reveal ledges. Be fast, if he catches up to you, it’s game over. Wait under the rifts and jump up just as they crumble.
    34. Jump up two ledges, and climb left. Jump up three more until you find a sturdier ledge made of stone. Climb left until you enter an alcove broken into the cliff face where you can hide.
    35. Hide and the Forgotten One will climb right by you. Inch out of the alcove and use the grappling point above to get out of this pit.
    36. A cutscene will trigger. Gabriel scores a good hit on the giant’s right leg, keep that in mind.
    37. Now the real battle begins against the Forgotten One. This is a tough and grueling battle that only gets more difficult as you fight him.
    38. Let’s talk about the Forgotten One. He is invulnerable to all your special items, so don’t bother using them. All of his attacks are unblockable and can’t be countered, so keep your distance. He also has a wide variety of attacks, some of which basically do the same thing, but the change in animations might throw you off when trying to predict his next move.
    39. The Forgotten One has plenty of moves, and only a handful give you enough time to counter-attack. He has a forward and horizontal sword slash, both of which are too fast.
    40. The Forgotten One also uses a giant mace on a chain, either swinging it directly at Gabriel or sweeping it across the screen. Both mace attacks can be safely avoided by just standing near the Forgotten One. The sweep attack is slow, making it a good time to attack.
    41. Periodically, the Forgotten One will stand and charge forward. Roll to escape this attack, and keep your distance, he always follows-up with a sword sweep.
    42. The Forgotten One will sometimes leap into the sky. Run and look out for a shadow, he’ll try to land on you. He pound attack will generate a shock wave, so before the Forgotten One lands, roll and jump to escape the shock wave.
    43. If you’re near the Forgotten One, he’ll try to hit you with a shock wave. He has three attacks that all do the same thing, he will either stomp the ground, throw an explosive spike, or smash his chain mace onto the ground. All three generate a shock wave and hurt Gabriel if he’s anywhere nearby.
    44. The Forgotten One’s last attack, for now, is a double sword smash – he’ll drop two swords on the ground to your right and left, before slamming them together.
    45. When you’re between the two swords, attack-jump-attack-attack-attack for a powerful and fast combo that dodges his swords as they close beneath you. This is always your best chance to attack, during the entire fight against the Forgotten One. It takes sharp timing, but you’ll have to take advantage of this move as the fight progresses.
    46. If you dodge three or four of the Forgotten One’s attacks in a row, he’ll yell in anguish. Obviously this is a great time to attack.
    47. Otherwise, the Forgotten One only has a few mores attacks – high sword slashes and claw swipes designed to hit Gabriel while he attacks mid-air. Don’t hold your mid-air combos for too long and you’ll easily dodge these attacks.
    48. Attack the Forgotten One’s glowing right leg to damage him. Do enough damage and the monster’s health bar will turn gray, meaning he can’t be harmed – you’ll have to do something special.
    49. When the boss’s health bar is grayed out, he’ll jump to the center of the arena and launch balls of light at Gabriel. Perform a synchronized block to shoot the energy ball back at the Forgotten One.
    50. If you mess up and the energy ball hits you, the Forgotten One will attack and regain some of his lost health.
    51. When the Forgotten One gets a taste of his own medicine, run up to his glowing body and grapple to enter into a quicktime event.
    52. After the event, you’ll see a portion of the Forgotten One’s torso is exposed. This does make the battle trickier, as you’ll need to attack with mid-air strikes instead of just off the ground. The rest of the fight against the Forgotten One plays out like this, you’ll need to attack the upper sections of his body.
    53. The green glow is gone from the boss’s leg, it’s now in the torso, and that’s his vulnerable spot. The Forgotten One won’t whip out any new moves yet, but he will speed up. A little speed goes a long way with this guy, so play it safe.
    54. Try to save any light energy you have for the final battle against the Forgotten One. For now, continue attacking the torso and keeping the attacks described above in mind.
    55. Take down the Forgotten One’s health until he retreats to the center of the arena. This time, he tries to drop a giant chained mace on top of you. Run and jump to escape the shock wave, then interact with the glowing mace to initiate a QTE (QuickTime Event)
    56. That completes the first stage of this DLC.


    1. Now you’re in the Underworld, just where you wanted to be, right? Starting the stage, you’re on a river of lava riding a large rock.
    2. Look left and jump off as a new rock platform surfaces. The rock platform you start on will immediately crumble, if you’re still standing on it you’ll drop into the lava.
    3. The Forgotten One is trudging through the river. The platform will sail upstream towards the Forgotten One – the Forgotten One is at full-strength again, if he sees you, you’re dead.
    4. Jump backwards to the platform that surfaces downriver before you pass in front of the Forgotten One.
    5. Another platform will surface diagonally down right. Jump to it and ride until another platform surfaces diagonally down left.
    6. These are tricky jumps and may take some practice to get right. Save your double jump for sticky situations where you miss a jump.
    7. Hop below to a surfacing platform, then jump diagonally down right. Jump down to a platform directly below, then jump diagonally down left. The Forgotten One is beating up the seal to the Underworld lava flow, so you’ll have to keep moving to avoid his gaze.
    8. Jump diagonally down left, diagonally down right, and diagonally down left one last time. That’s it for those crazy jumping puzzles! Okay, there’s actually one more.
    9. Finally, on this rock platform, a stone pillar will fall from the ceiling and land nearby. The glowing ledges indicate you should jump to the pillar and hang on.
    10. Jump to the glowing ledges quickly before your rock platform crumbles into the lava.
    11. On the ledge, climb right until the camera changes positions. From now on, the side of the pillar with your back pointed towards the camera will be the center position, the ledges to the left and right will be referred to accordingly.
    12. That’s right, we’re playing hide and seek with the Forgotten One. Hide left, move to the center and hide right. Be careful, if the Forgotten One spots you, as always, you’re dead as disco.
    13. The Forgotten One gets tired of playing games fast, he simply picks up the pillar and uses it as a battering ram, smashing open the barrier and forcing you to do some QTE action.
    14. After the cutscene, simply ride the pillar over the lava flow to dry land.
    15. Jump to the flat surface covered with bones. The bones, unsurprisingly, resurrect into skeletons. But these aren’t normal skeletons, they’re burning skeletons, and they are tough.
    16. If you’re not after the trial, I suggest running by these skeletons, there are 16 of them in total and fighting off a simple group of four might be a daunting task for a Castlevania beginner.
    17. Run by the skeletons and jump into the passage at the back end of the chamber. It’s narrow, but you’ll come out on the other side looking out on a surreal landscape.
    18. This is where you’ll face the Forgotten One and defeat him. This is also when the Forgotten One steps up his game.
    19. After the cutscene and QTE, you’ll have to attack the Forgotten One’s exposed arm.
    20. The Forgotten One gains one new move in this battle – he’ll launch a series of exploding spikes at medium range that spray a string of flame from the ground to hit you at long range.
    21. The flame-spike attack only activates while Gabriel is at medium range from the Forgotten One. It’s also one of your best chances to attack the boss, if you’re close the explosions won’t touch you.
    22. Otherwise, the Forgotten One is simply much tougher and much faster. Lucky for you and everyone else, there are checkpoints after exposing each of the five sections of the Forgotten One. You’ve already attacked two, the arm is the third, so you still have two more to go.
    23. After taking the Forgotten One to gray health status, he’ll retreat and launch rocks across the arena. He’ll shoot lightning, lighting up a random boulder and prepping it to explode.
    24. Don’t stand near an exploding boulder, instead, wait near one of the inactive boulders. Just wait, eventually the Forgotten One will hit the boulder you’ve chosen. That’s your chance to use the earthquake punch to launch the explosive boulder into the Forgotten One.
    25. He’s vulnerable after that, so run forward and grapple to enter a QTE.
    26. Now his shoulder is vulnerable. Continue fighting until his health is gray.
    27. For this sequence, the Forgotten One launches three spikes onto the arena. Interact with either the left or right spike first, don’t start in the middle.
    28. When picking up a spike, the goal is to target the Forgotten One and hit him before he reaches you. Aim and wait for the reticule to turn red before throwing. You have some time with the first and second spike.
    29. When you get to the third spike, the Forgotten One straight up runs towards you. Very carefully manipulate the reticule and fire, be gentle with the thumbstick.
    30. This part is tricky, and make sure you always move in a line while choosing the spikes, otherwise you won’t have enough time.
    31. That weakens the Forgotten One again, grapple him for another QTE.
    32. The head is now vulnerable, and the Forgotten One drops all pretenses, he moves fast. This part of the fight, just like the previous, is a grueling exchange.
    33. The Forgotten One moves fast, switching attacks and performing moves at ridiculous speed, making it very difficult to get in attacks of your own.
    34. Not to mention, your attacks barely cover a sliver of damage. You’ll have to whittle the boss’s health away slowly and patiently. Your main goal is to simply stay alive and get in attacks if you can.
    35. You’re completely outmatched, both in speed and in strength. Learn the Forgotten One’s moves and know when you can attack, while always keeping your distance.
    36. The best time to attack is always during the Forgotten One’s double blade slam. It’s easy to predict, as the Forgotten One reaches behind his back with both hands. If you’re standing still, the initial attack will never hurt you.
    37. While between both blades, enter into a hiking combo – attack, jump, attack, attack, etc.
    38. The Forgotten One will pull this attack constantly. He’ll also stop yelling, giving you no easy shot at his head.
    39. Don’t stay in the air too long while comboing, otherwise you’ll take a nasty counter-attack.
    40. That’s all the advice that’s fit to print. Save your light energy for this last section, a little bit goes a long way. Keep fighting until the Forgotten One is finally defeated.
    41. That’s it for this extremely difficult DLC. If you’re still in need of help, check out the video walkthroughs for examples on how to fight this very difficult enemy.

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    11 Comments on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Resurrection DLC Walkthrough


    On June 12, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    in step 29: which button do you push to fire?

    its not a problem getting there, i just cant throw the things


    On June 18, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    In the 360 version it is the x button. Probably square on the ps3.


    On June 21, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    Single most infuriatingly frustrating, poorly balanced gaming experience of my life. Such a huge, huge disappointment to LoS, which was amazing.


    On June 30, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    LAME expansion. They promised this would take place in the FUTURE (where to end game of the main game left off). Yea… a whole expansion with 2 “chapters” that failed to live up to what was promised. I was really looking forward to this. It looks like they just wanted a quick buck.

    SERIOUSLY? an expansion to JUST fight one boss and virtually no other enemies.



    On July 2, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    I agree with Dave. I loved this game when I played it and was happy to hear that a year later new content would be added. After beating the first DLC really fast and kinda annoyed that it was filled with just puzzles and no real action. I then was excited at the end where we would finally see how Gabriel became a vampire/demon. After then getting the 2nd DLC I was hoping to play as that demon/vampire…but of course, nope. Was a great game but the DLC could have been a ton better for the price. I would have like to at least been able to fight the Forgotten one as a vampire with new abilities.

    They better add a new game that shows what happens after he kills the Forgotten One with his new power.


    On July 24, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    how do i shoot rthe spike back at the forgotten one


    On July 24, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    i pick up the spike but i dont know how to shoot it at him someone please help me


    On August 2, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    This DLC SUCKS! To pay $10 for a bunch of clunky platforming and then the most unbalanced boss fights I’ve ever seen is horrible. This is hands down one of the cheapest boss fights I’ve ever played. I can get to the last part of the boss fight but it doesn’t matter since I have hardly any health left or magic. And the part where you throw the spears is beyond freakin’ clunky.

    Horrible DLC, almost ruins the game for me.


    On September 4, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    This dlc sucked real hard. I’m at the second and final part of the boss but I’m not even gonna finish it. I spent more time freaking falling to my death and getting ray blasted by this A-hole then actually playing. Not worth it. The only reason I even got the DLC was for the story but now I realize I wasted 20 bucks and coulda just watched the whole thing on youtube.




    On October 3, 2011 at 6:25 am

    You don’t use the “Earthquake Punch” on the rocks, it’s the “Tremor Punch”. This had me hung up for a while. Earthquake Punch will blow the rocks apart, Tremor Punch sends them into the Forgotten One.


    On October 3, 2011 at 6:26 am

    For the spike there will be on-screen instructions on what buttons to use for aiming and firing. This also had me hung up for a minute. On the PS3 you hit the square button, it’s probably x or whatever the normal attack button is on the X360.