Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • Act 1: Simon Belmont
  • Act 2: Alucard Belmont
  • Act 3: Trevor Belmont
  • Courtyard

    1. Approach the opposite end of the room to pick up the weapon at the top of the steps ahead and activate a cut scene in which you encounter the boss.
    2. Wait for the minor enemies to finish emerging from the ground, then jump repeatedly to position yourself on the opposite side of the screen from both them and the boss.
    3. Activate your spirit and use mid-air combination strikes with axe throws to fight the group of enemies back, then roll backwards when ever you see the boss charging his scythe and continue attacking him from long distance.
    4. Quickly push yourself towards the boss at close-range to roll beneath the floating enemy and jump into the air to attack him from behind, then continue striking until he turns around again and steals your spirit.
    5. Now that you are unprotected, remain at a safe distance from the boss to attack him with mid-air whip strikes or axe-throws and pause momentarily to focus on maneuvering between the falling green flames from above.
    6. Once the green flames have passed, roll beneath the boss again to strike him from behind in mid-air and fend off the demons below at the same time.
    7. Dodge the boss’ next attack by rolling away to a safe distance and continue draining his health with axe throws until he surrounds himself with a green forcefield, then approach the circular field at as close a range as possible and watch the rotation of the two layers that it consists of.
    8. Wait for the openings in both forcefield layers to line up and quickly roll through them to activate a short action sequence, then sprint towards the boss and roll beneath each of the energy blasts he sends your way.
    9. Strike the boss at close range until he disappears, then turn around to sprint towards his new location and jump over or roll under next volley of energy blasts.
    10. Repeat the previous step to finish draining the boss’ health and activate his next series of green forcefields, then wait for the openings in all three to line up and quickly roll through them.
    11. Press the indicated buttons as they appear to defeat the boss and recover Trevor Belmont’s Combat Cross, then approach the swing point above on the left and use your new weapon on it to scale the wall.
    12. Ascend the series of ledges above to move back through the broken window at the top and proceed forward to visit the health font, then exit the room via the doorway ahead to return to the library.

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    1 Comment on Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Walkthrough

    Walter Bernhard

    On January 29, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    I hope this helps on hardcore!