Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • Act 1: Simon Belmont
  • Act 2: Alucard Belmont
  • Act 3: Trevor Belmont
  • Kitchen / Theatre

    1. Make your way up the tunnel to jump over the gap ahead and collect the bestiary card on the other side, then climb down through the shaft behind you and proceed forward at the bottom to encounter a pair of serpentine creatures.
    2. Eliminate the surrounding monsters to continue ahead safely and climb up through the next shaft above to proceed left at the top, then eliminate another pair of enemies to move forward and drop down a second shaft.
    3. Cross the next pool of water ahead to climb the wall on the other side as the steam traps dissolve and turn around at the top to jump onto the wooden platform above, then pull the indicated lever to raise the water levels and drop back onto the landing below.
    4. Proceed towards the left to visit a health font and continue past the elevator shaft behind it to activate a cut scene, then press the indicated buttons to take the form of mist and pass through the line of enemies in front of you to regenerate your life.
    5. Turn around to eliminate the group of goblins with whip combinations and continue passing through them to replenish your health, then finish clearing the area to visit the magic font ahead and proceed towards the left.
    6. Select mist form to pass through the locked door ahead and proceed forward down the next two staircase below to visit the magic font at the bottom, then ascend the three previous staircases above to eliminate the goblin at the top.
    7. Continue up the next three staircases to proceed forward into the open room at the top and approach the enormous stove ahead to do battle with the surrounding wave of goblins, then take mist form to pass through them and replenish your health when necessary.
    8. Use mid-air and ground striking combinations to clear out the group of goblins, then read the scroll against the right-side wall and exit the room to descend the previous staircase.
    9. Pass through the next door below on the left to proceed forward into the tunnel ahead and read the scroll on the other side, then return the way you came to climb up the next two shafts above and continue towards the left at the top to enter the Theatre.
    10. Approach the block ahead to pull it backwards into the open and ride the wind jet up to the ledge on the left, then pull back on the magnet block in front of you as well to attach it to the weight block above.
    11. Push the two blocks forward to activate the floor switch ahead and open the trap door behind you, then climb up through it to reach the level above and visit the health font on the right.
    12. Use the weight block to reach the next ledge above and push the fire block in front of you forward to burn the ropes, then approach the second weight block that dropped nearby to jump to the next overhead landing with a wind block on it.
    13. Move the wind block beneath the pipeline ahead to push the weight block onto the floor switch above, then pass through the door you just opened to activate a cut scene.
    14. Afterwards, press the indicated button to change the camera’s view and proceed forward along the lowermost level to reach the opposite wall.
    15. Turn around to reach the fire block on the level above and push it forward to land on the next overhead platform without being burned, then push the fire block back onto the floor indentation and pull the indicated lever behind you to shift the flame cube upwards.
    16. Pull the lever again to move the fire block up another level and approach the weight block below on the right to move it into the nearby floor indentation, then pull the lever two more times to remove the obstruction and make your way towards the fire block again.
    17. Push the fire block past the weight block’s floor indentation on the right and move it beneath the next wooden platform ahead to burn it away, then pull the wind block that dropped below over towards the left and leave it against the wall.
    18. Use the lever to put the weight block on the bottom level and pull it into the left side floor indentation, then pull the lever again to move the cube onto the top level and ride the wind block to land beside it.
    19. Pull the weight block all the way to the left and move the magnet block right beside it, then use the lever below again to shift the magnetic cube to the bottom level and push it out of the left-side floor indentation.
    20. Return to the top level and push the weight block back into its original resting place, then use the lever below to move the cube onto the second level and pull the magnetic block beneath it.
    21. Push both blocks all the way towards the right so that the weight one above activates a floor switch and activate the trap door in front of you, then move the wind block directly beneath this new opening and shift the fire block onto the right-side floor indentation.
    22. Use the lever to move the fire block back onto the top level and watch the wind blow it towards the right to activate an extended cut scene, then proceed towards the right to defeat the next wave of puppets and continue forward to reach the Terrace.

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    Walter Bernhard

    On January 29, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    I hope this helps on hardcore!