Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • Act 1: Simon Belmont
  • Act 2: Alucard Belmont
  • Act 3: Trevor Belmont
  • Toys Assembly Line / Clock Room

    1. Descend the staircase in front of you to eliminate the next wave of puppet enemies and magic books below, proceed forward to enter the elevator ahead and ride it to the floor above.
    2. Exit the elevator to continue moving towards the right and jump onto the next metal platform that descends in front of you, then ride it to the ledge above to proceed forward and clear the metal platform ahead as the electricity disappears to avoid falling through the trap door.
    3. Move forward past the electricity trap in front of you to land on another metal platform and ride it to the ground below, then read the scroll on your left and continue towards the right to reach the shaft above at the end.
    4. Wait for the first overhead blast of electricity to disappear, then use your claws to ascend the shaft above and land on the right-side ledge.
    5. Continue up the shaft by waiting for another blast of electricity to disappear and land on the next right-side ledge above, then activate wolf form to break through the barrier in front of you and proceed forward past the steam traps to increase your maximum amount of life.
    6. Head back towards the left to jump over the previous shaft and continue moving forward to step onto the next descending metal platform, then land on the first ledge below and quickly vault off of it to avoid the electrified floor.
    7. Clear the next rigged metal platform ahead to land in front of two electricity traps and wait for them to disappear before proceeding forward, then stop in front of the far left-side wall and climb the shaft above as the steam trap dissolves.
    8. Drop over the left-side ledge at the top to read the scroll below, then jump back over the previous shaft to head towards the right and clear the next trapdoor in front of you.
    9. Quickly launch yourself forward off the trapdoor in front of you and grab onto the opposite wall, then climb upwards to swing through the window at the top and proceed towards the right to reach the Toy Maker’s Workshop.
    10. Proceed forward to pass through the green-lit area and read the scroll on the other side, then head back the way you came to reach the metal structure on the left and use the swing point above to climb on top of it.
    11. Visit the nearby health font and proceed forward to collect items from the barrels ahead, then turn back around and use the next swing point above to climb up the hanging section of bridge as the electrical trap disappears.
    12. Climb down over the ledge in front of you at the top and swing out towards the right to land on the next circular platform, then descend the edge ahead and jump out towards the right again to grab the opposite wall.
    13. Ascend the wall to drop over the other side at the top and open the chest below to increase your maximum amount of life, then climb back up the shaft above to return all the way to the ground floor beneath you and head left to scale the previous metal structure again.
    14. Make your way to the top of the hanging bridge section across from you again and clear the next gap ahead to grab onto the opposite wall, then ascend to the ledge above on the right and proceed forward to acquire the Stopwatch at the top of the steps.
    15. Drop back through the previous gap to descend the objects below and land on the ground floor beneath you, then activate wolf form to eliminate the wave of enemies that appear next and head left to return to the Toys Assembly Line.
    16. Climb over the ledge in front of you to clear the next pair of trap doors ahead and jump over the gap past that, then descend another ledge to walk through a curved tunnel slowly and make your way down the wall at the end to land on the metal platform below.
    17. Drop to the ground below on your left to eliminate the surrounding enemies and continue moving in this direction to return to the Clock Room, then proceed forward to swing across the next gap ahead and activate a short cut scene on the other side.
    18. Descend into the clock room below to visit the magic font towards the left and turn around to freeze the electrified traps above with your stopwatch, then ascend the next two overhead ledges and collect the bestiary card near the wall.
    19. Wait for the first trap above to disappear, then drop a charged stopwatch to ascend the next three ledges above safely and use the purple mechanism at the top to activate another cut scene in which you upgrade the Combat Cross.
    20. Approach the magnetic rail on your right to ride it across the gap and proceed forward to enter the Toy Maker’s Workshop.

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    Walter Bernhard

    On January 29, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    I hope this helps on hardcore!