Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • Act 1: Simon Belmont
  • Act 2: Alucard Belmont
  • Act 3: Trevor Belmont
  • Return to the Throne Entrance / Throne Room

    1. Drop back to the floor below and head right to climb down over the next ledge at the end, then fall into the water and dive beneath the surface to swim through the tunnel on the left.
    2. Surface on the other side of the tunnel to open the chest on the overhead ledge and increase your maximum amount of ammunition, then swim back the way you came to return to the previous room above and move left across it to pass through the gate at the end using mist mode.
    3. Ascend the series of staircases above to pass through the next open doorway on the left and climb up the next shaft ahead to proceed towards the right at the top, then continue moving forward to return to the Theatre.
    4. Climb the next staircase to enter the theatre area above and turn around to jump onto the overhead reach, then proceed towards the right to enter the teleporter and travel to the Toy Maker’s Workshop.
    5. Use the magnetic rail on your left to travel above the electrified floor and enter the Carousel’s Engine on the other side, then proceed forward to climb the next wall in front of you and use another magnetic rail at the top to clear the gap on the right.
    6. Proceed forward to enter the elevator at the opposite side of this area and ride it to the next floor above to return to the Resurrection Room, then exit the car to head right and climb up onto the far ledge.
    7. Enter the next elevator to ride up to the Vampire’s Tower and head left to eliminate a harpy, then proceed forward to encounter a pair of fire-breathing demons and activate wolf mode to help you defeat them.
    8. Fly over the next doorway ahead to reach the landing above on the right and proceed forward across the chandelier in front of you to land on the opposite ledge, then drop your stopwatch to navigate past the fire traps and collect the bestiary card.
    9. Swing across the next gap ahead to activate wolf mode and break down the barrier on the opposite ledge, then proceed forward to swing over to the opposite wall and climb up it to open the chest at the top.
    10. Make your way back across the previous gaps and chandelier to continue ascending the shaft on the other side, then enter the room above on the right and fight past the harpies to climb the staircase at the end.
    11. Jump to the next ledge above and climb towards the right along the rope over to reach the opposite landing, then ascend the wall ahead to reach the staircase across from you at the top and return to the Throne Entrance.
    12. Proceed forward and use the swing point at the opposite end of the room to reach the ledge above, then head right across the gaps to ascend the next staircase and approach the enormous door at the top to place the two blood orbs in the statues on either side of it.
    13. Following the next cut scene, jump backwards from the boss to avoid his initial ground pound attack and vault over him repeatedly to execute mid-air whip strikes.
    14. Wait for the boss to levitate and quickly dash beneath him to avoid the red energy projectiles he emits, then use upward strikes to continue draining the enemy’s life and roll away to a safe distance after he lands.
    15. Try to keep the enemy between you and your teammate so that attacks come from both sides, then continue draining his health by throwing bat projectiles at the boss and prepare to block any attacks he attempts at close-range.
    16. Activate wolf mode to inflict further damage onto the boss until the next cut scene is activated in which your partner to removed from the fight, then continue lashing out with whip strikes and rolling away from the enemy’s projectile assaults.
    17. When you see the boss form a ball of energy in his hands, quickly jump over him to avoid the impending dash attack and launch a volley of bat projectiles upon landing.
    18. Continue flying above the dash attacks, ground pounds and between the red projectiles to survive this battle, then activate mist mode to pass through the boss and regain as much health as possible.
    19. While under mist mode, attack the boss with a combination of whip strikes and bat projectiles until the next cut scene is activated in which a possessed Simon approaches you.
    20. Afterwards, block or roll away from every attack attack that Simon throws at you to take a hold of him and tap the indicated button to start removing the spell.
    21. Repeat the previous step until the spell possessing Simon has been lifted, then tap the indicated button to free yourself from the boss’ grasp and continue inflicting damage on him with whip combinations.
    22. Activate mist or wolf mode to continue draining the boss’ health with the help of your teammate and finish defeating him with a few extra volleys of bat projectiles, then press the indicated buttons as they appear to chase the enemy around the throne room and allow Simon to kill him to complete ACT 2.

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    Walter Bernhard

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    I hope this helps on hardcore!