Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • Act 1: Simon Belmont
  • Act 2: Alucard Belmont
  • Act 3: Trevor Belmont
  • Castle Hall / Games Room / Guards Room

    1. Move through the broken doorway ahead to enter the Castle Hall and proceed forward to encounter the large heavily armored enemy, then jump over its initial mace attack and execute mid-air combination strikes to start inflicting damage.
    2. Continue double-jumping either over or directly in front of the large armored enemy and execute multiple mid-air combination strikes to defeat this demon, then proceed forward to activate the next cut scene.
    3. Afterwards, continue moving towards the right to eliminate the next wave of flying demons and climb the steps ahead to activate a short sequence.
    4. Use the overhead swing point to make your way across the chandeliers above on the left and reach the opposite ledge to jump over the next barrier in front of you, then push the nearby block forward to open the hidden chest and use the crate to clear the top of the locked gate ahead.
    5. Swing across the next gap to collect the bestiary card and land on the opposite ledge to proceed forward, then read the nearby scroll and continue moving towards the left to climb over the wooden scaffolding in front of you.
    6. Crawl beneath the cement debris to pull the lever on the other side and return to the ground below, then fight your way back towards the right to pass through the doorway you just opened and enter the Games Room.
    7. Proceed forward across the game board below to encounter the next wave of enemies and use mid-air combination strikes with projectile attacks to start clearing them out, then climb down through the shaft that appears in the floor and drop onto the moving bridge beneath you.
    8. Jump to the rope above on the right to climb forward across it and slide down the wall at the end to read the scroll at the bottom, then ascend back up the previous shaft to return to the moving bridge and ride it towards the left to use the next pair of swing points ahead.
    9. Land on the opposite ledge to climb down the next shaft in front of you and visit the health font at the bottom, then jump across the series of bridge on the right to drop off the one at the end and quickly launch yourself up towards the right before being crushed in the gears below.
    10. Pull the nearby lever and jump back across the moving bridges on your left as they each shift towards you to return to the previous ledge, then pass through the open doorway ahead to reach the Guards Room and descend the staircases below to visit the magic font at the bottom.
    11. Move right to collect the next bestiary card above and head back towards the left to defeat the next wave of shielded enemies with the help of blocking maneuvers, then proceed forward to pull the lever against the far wall and start attacking the hunchbacks that appear behind you.
    12. As you eliminate the hunchbacks, watch the heavily-armored enemy in the back ground and roll backwards each time you see him swing his mace in your direction.
    13. Finish clearing out the group of hunchbacks and use mid-air combination strikes to defeat the heavily-armored demon that emerges from the background, then proceed towards the right to pass through the green-lit gateway you opened and enter the Cells.

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    Walter Bernhard

    On January 29, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    I hope this helps on hardcore!