Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • Act 1: Simon Belmont
  • Act 2: Alucard Belmont
  • Act 3: Trevor Belmont
  • Abandoned Mine / Clock Tower

    1. Read the next scroll below and dive beneath the surface of the water ahead to move right across the bottom, then ascend along the ceiling to use the bubblers above and continue swimming forward to reach the dry ground ledge on the right.
    2. Proceed forward to eliminate the next wave of serpentine demons and continue ahead to activate a short sequence, then climb up the wooden structure behind you to jump across the gap at the top and read the scroll on the other side.
    3. Jump back across the previous gap to enter the mine cart below and propel yourself forward along the tracks as each fireball passes in front of you, then continue moving towards the left to eliminate a group of flying demons and turn around to climb up onto the next ledge above.
    4. Ascend between the wooden ledges above to visit the magic font at the top and proceed forward to drop onto the walkway below, then pull the next lever ahead to activate a short sequence.
    5. Afterwards, use mid-air combination strikes to inflict damage on the enormous executioner demon and avoid his falling axe attacks.
    6. Wait for the executioner to charge his dashing attacks and jump over him to immediately continue your previous mid-air assault, then watch the background for the hunchbacks throwing projectiles and roll backwards to avoid the fire.
    7. Jump backwards to avoid the executioner’s diving attacks and continue attacking with combination strikes to eventually defeat this enemy, then pull the nearby lever again to open the door ahead and pass through it to upgrade your combat cross on the next purple-glowing object.
    8. Use your combat cross to pull down the barricade in front of you and proceed past it to climb the next shaft above, then ride the elevator at the top to reach the Clock Tower.
    9. Proceed towards the left to grab the block across from you and pull it backwards, then use the crate’s wind to reach the ledge above and swing past the steam traps ahead to land on the other side.
    10. Enter the elevator on the other side to ride it to the next ledge above and proceed forward at the top to uncover the wind block below, then make your way past the steam traps on the right to reach another crate and push it against the far wall to block the red laser beam.
    11. Pull the nearby lever and head back towards the previous wind block to grab one of the moving platform above, then ride it forward to land on the opposite ledge and jump across the gap in front of you to avoid the electricity below.
    12. Land on the moving platforms as they emerge from the walls to ascend the shaft above and visit the health font at the top, then ride on top of another series of moving platforms ahead to reach the ones descending vertically at the end.
    13. Climb up the series of descending platforms to swing across the gap at the top and proceed forward on the other side by using the platforms above to pass beneath the steam traps, then enter the next elevator to ride it to the floor above and jump to the wind block on the left.
    14. Land on the green-lit moving platform to reach the circular rotating ones above and move across them to read the scroll on the right, then continue around the moving platform wheel to ride the magnetic railing on the left.
    15. Ride the next series of descend platforms to reach the ledge below on the left and remove the cage from the opening ahead, then pull the lever that’s been uncovered and climb the wall above as the electrical traps disappears to proceed right at the top.
    16. Read the next scroll and use your combat cross the pull down the barrier ahead, then use shadow magic on the first object and light magic on the second one.
    17. Turn around to jump up onto the small circular platform above and move across the series of them above to reach the overhead ledge on the right, then approach the wall beside you to activate a cut scene and acquire the Speed Boots.
    18. Follow the on-screen prompts to jump across the gap beside you using the speed boots and proceed forward on the other side to enter the Belfry.

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    Walter Bernhard

    On January 29, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    I hope this helps on hardcore!