Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • Act 1: Simon Belmont
  • Act 2: Alucard Belmont
  • Act 3: Trevor Belmont
  • Mirror of Fate: Final Boss Battle

    1. During the next cut scene, press the indicated buttons to ride the flying creature through the boarded up window and continue following the on-screen prompts to navigate the belfry tower above.
    2. Spin your joystick as indicated to knock the flying monster out of the air and follow the next sequence of on-screen prompts to defeat this enemy for good.
    3. After returning to the Belfry, enter the elevator ahead to ride it to the next floor above and use your speed boots to proceed forward across the gap ahead.
    4. Pass through the next two open doorway in front of you to activate a cut scene and begin the final boss fight, then select shadow magic to counter the enemy’s light magic and jump over his initial projectile blade attacks.
    5. Keep a safe distance from the boss until he teleports, then quickly move in at close range to start dealing damage with combination sword strikes and block any counter-attacks that follow.
    6. Roll backwards as the boss charges his weapon to avoid his oncoming attack and move back in to continue your assault at close-range, then back the enemy against the wall and jump over another volley of blade projectiles.
    7. Continue draining the boss’ health until he switches over to shadow magic and charge your weapon with light magic as a counter-measure, then jump backwards from the enemy’s initial series of attacks and roll away from the light beams he raises from the floor around you.
    8. Use mid-air combination strikes as you jump over the boss to continue inflicting damage and avoid the enemy’s various attack patterns, then switch your magical abilities again to resume a close-range assault and executing repeated blocking maneuvers.
    9. Repeat the previous offensive and defensive strategies listed above to eventually drain the boss’ health completely, then press the indicated buttons during the next action sequence and dodge the oncoming fireballs as you fall back towards the ground to win this battle and finish the game.

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    Walter Bernhard

    On January 29, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    I hope this helps on hardcore!