Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • Act 1: Simon Belmont
  • Act 2: Alucard Belmont
  • Act 3: Trevor Belmont
  • Act 1: Castle’s Outer Wall

    1. Use the health font at the bottom of the hill in front of you and read the scroll past that to learn more about the story, then proceed forward along the trail ahead to cross another bridge and activate a short cut scene.
    2. Afterwards, approach the indicated series of the ledges ahead and follow the on-screen instructions to drop down them one-by-one until you land on the ground below.
    3. Move left to drop down another series of ledges and turn right at the bottom to repeat the same action, then follow the next set of on-screen prompts to jump across the gap and continue your descent to land on the ground below.
    4. Pull the crate beside you towards the right to collect the axe ammunition on the other side and proceed forward through the cave to eliminate the group of zombies that emerges ahead, then cross the next bridge to spot the swing point above and access your map to leave a note.
    5. Drop over the ledge in front of you to read the scroll below and head left to jump over the next two gaps in the path, then drop down another ledge to turn around at the bottom and continue moving forward.
    6. Clear the next gap in the path ahead to activate a short cut scene and step onto the bridge in front of you to fall through it, then dive beneath the water to swim through the tunnel below on your left and collect oxygen from the bubble fountain on the other side.
    7. Continue swimming through the next tunnel on your left to finally surface on the other side and jump onto the piece of land beside you to read another scroll, then return to the previous bubble fountain and swim straight upwards to collect the Bestiary Card above.
    8. Dive beneath the surface to swim back into the tunnel on your right and continue forward to eventually climb back onto dry land above, then proceed through the open doorway in front of you to reach the Forgotten Caves.

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    Walter Bernhard

    On January 29, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    I hope this helps on hardcore!