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Designed by students of the French gaming development school Creajeux (WARNING: Must speak French), Sheep-Hit1 is best idea for a game you can’t play. The description, translated from French, is a bit unclear, so I’m quoting it verbatim:

This game was imagined to participate to a contest set up by the famous french newspaper . The purpose of this contest was to explain to bloggers how a game was made from scratch, while giving to the participants some notoriety as game developers.

Unfortunately, a Google search failed to clarify whether or not the contest is real, in which case the syntax is off, or if it’s just a flight of fancy, but we’re going with ‘it’s real’. The 3 students involved with the project have set out to create a game (and document the process) as a means of illuminating game development, and the idea they came up with is just nuts. N-V-T-S nuts. Sheep-Hit’s plot pokes fun at what we now recognize to be the absurdity of the Cold War, from the perspective of a nation that was firmly in the middle of the conflict, and the result, so far, is hilarious. It’s 1962, and it’s the United States of Sheep versus the Union of Soviet Sheep republic, and you (the player) are an agent working for the USSheepR rooting out traitors. Infiltrate a farm, locate the mole, and execute him with extreme prejudice.

Wait, so, ‘Sheep-Hit’ isn’t a poo joke, it’s literally putting a hit out on a sheep. Awesome. But being illiterate in the Linga Franca, we’re as baffled as you are, so why not watch the teaser trailer instead:

Those of you who understand French should check out their official blog for more information. For our part, we’ll be positively blanching at the implication that the major players in the cold war were (GASP!) sheep and watch Rambo until we feel our patriotism gland swell once more with pride.

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ROSO Duarte

On March 5, 2011 at 10:17 am

First of all, I can’t thank you enough for this. I mean, we are simple students, making games to make people have fun so we can have fun too.
Having an article in a website like gamefront, having our game in the same page as AAA games is just more than we can stand.
So thank you for the chance you’re giving us.

Now, to make things clear. The contest is real and the games you’ll find there were selected amongst 40-50 games (only 29 were taken). Only gaming development schools were allowed to participate (there are only 5-6 schools) and teams can have up to 6 members. The only restriction is that the game must be player on a web browser.

As you said, the purpose is to let bloggers know how games are made just as a newspaper would do informing people. And that’s the link between the contest and
We are aware that we’re far from close to a professional studio, but we’re doing our best explaining how we work, the tools we use and how we use them, almost like a tutorial.
On top of that, and thanks to people like you, the contest is the greatest opportunity students can have to start a career. By making a game outside school (I forgot to mention but school must not be get involved in their students games) it show to a possible employer that we can autonomous, we can easily work inside a team and we can also show them what we are capable of.

We started a blog at but we never really fill it because we didn’t expect anyone to see it. Guess we were wrong. From now on, each french post will be translated to english.

I’ll finish by saying that no pride (soviet nor american) will be hurt. That was never in our minds and we’re sorry if someone would feel hurt by our sheep-world. Indeed, the absurdity of that war was a great inspiration for us but it’s stops here. All the crazy stuff we’re planning to put inside Sheep-Hit came from the absurdity of the Sheep-Team, making games is a passion more than it is a job.

The announcement (in french):

The main page(still in french):

The english page:

The working link to Creajeux:


On March 5, 2011 at 11:56 am

The trailor is hilarous ;)

Laurent Checola

On March 5, 2011 at 2:02 pm


I’m Laurent Checola, from Le, and I can confirm that “Sheep it”, is one of the games involved in the competition “Hits Playtime”, opened to the videogames students. There is only one technical constraint : it must be a browser game.

From january till may, students have to make a dev-blog, to expose the evolution of their creation. Then, the public have to choose ten projects, out of thirty. And finally, a jury will determine the winner.

Here is the full list of the projects :

From “social games” to platformers, or puzzles, and even shooters or beat ‘em all, every player will find his way…