Child of Light: Confessions Collectible Locations Guide

Scattered throughout the painted worlds of Child of Light you’ll find hidden confession pages. Finding all 16 unlocks the Perfect Sonnet trophy while adding these entries into your book menu.

These curious collectibles provide additional details into the whimsical story, so if you’re looking for extra reading materials or more reasons to explore the water-color landscapes, check out the full locations guide below.

For even more secrets, check out the Child of Light cheats list or watch the story for yourself on the Child of Light walkthrough, with video guides and text tips to get you through every challenging boss battle.

Confessions Locations Guide

Confession #1:

  • Requirement: Flight (Chapter 3 )

Leaving the shrine through the ceiling, fly directly above to find the letter floating in the sky.

Confession #2:

  • Requirement: Entering the Plains (Chapter 5 )

Keep moving left from the previous letter to find an entrance into the underground cavern at the bottom of the second windmill tower. Solve the doors puzzle to gain access to a treasury with the letter and some other rewards.

Confession #3:

  • Requirement: Entering the Well (Chapter 4 )

Once you reach Capilli Village and gain the quest from Finn, you’ll dive down into a large well. Complete the puzzle and continue until you reach a large open cave just before the boss fight. Search the top corner above the area’s end to find the floating letter.

Confession #4:

  • Requirement: Entering the Castle (Chapter 8 )

Once you escape the cage at the start of the chapter, instantly take the highest pathway to discover a massive tree in the distance. There are cages hanging from its branches. The letter is floating near the top right corner of the tree.

Confession #5:

  • Requirement: Flight (Chapter 3 )

Returning to the start of Chapter 3, you’ll be able to reach a new area to the left with the flight ability. Search the sky above the boss battle arena to find the confession letter. It’s to the right of the shimmering tree in the distance.

Confession #6:

  • Requirement: Completing the Well (Chapter 4 )

Once Finn’s quest is complete, you’ll return to the village. Travel left through the tunnels to reach the entrance to the Plains of Rambert. Back track into the tunnels and use the wind to travel upward and out of the caverns. Look to the right as you pop out to find the letter next to the cliffs.

Confession #7:

  • Requirement: Entering the Plains (Chapter 5 )

Passing by the massive windmill in the distance, you’ll find a new party member named Norah under a bridge. Search just to Norah’s left, in the same area as the railroad tracks past the first tower to find the next letter.

Confession #8:

  • Requirement: Flight (Chapter 3 ) / Entering Chapter 4

Leaving the forest and entering a new area to start the fourth chapter, you’ll eventually reach a town marked with a group of crows. Instead of going inside, fly up to reach an alternate path and travel right. Fly above the tree to grab the confession against the right wall of the optional direction.

Confession #9:

  • Requirement: Entering the Magna (Chapter 6 )

Going into the golem to fix him up, you’ll soon find the heart with a passage beneath. Float down the center path until you find an opening to the left. Fly inside and dodge the fire balls to find a confession letter.

Confession #10:

  • Requirement: Returning to the Mirror (Chapter 8 )

Going back to the mirror with Norah, the same one from the Temple of the Moon, simply fly above it to find a hidden page.

Confession #11:

  • Requirement: Reaching the Village (Chapter 9 )

Once you meet Gen in Piscean Village, fly to the area’s ceiling and search right. The letter can be found above the shrines.

Confession #12:

  • Requirement: Entering the Palace (Chapter 9 )

Continuing through the palace, you’ll eventually meet up with Norah just after solving a puzzle. After Norah leaves, fly directly above to the hanging silhouette figures in the background to find the confession.

Confession #13:

  • Requirement: Entering the Palace (Chapter 9 )

Past the guard towers and through the Palace of the Sun, pass by the electricity room and into the waterfall cave. Look for a giant statue of a creepy angler fish in this area. Once you find it, fly left to discover a nearby letter.

Confession #14:

  • Requirement: Exiting the Mirror (Chapter 8 )

After gaining Oengus and leaving the castle through the Magic Mirror, immediately fly up and left to discover a hidden letter. This is before the boss fight ahead.

Confession #15:

  • Requirement: Arriving at the Temple (Chapter 7 )

As you arrive in the Temple of the Moon, travel to the area just before meeting up with Tristis. Use flight to soar toward the area’s roof and move left to find strong winds partially blocking your view of the letter.

Confession #16:

  • Requirement: Entering the Palace (Chapter 9 )

Following Aurora’s interlude with her father, you’ll face off against an underwater boss. Once the creature is defeated, fly directly above thee arena to find the next letter.

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