Posted on August 10, 2007,

Circuit City Subpoenas Cheap Ass Gamer over PS3 Price Drop Leak

circuit-city.gifSomebody is pissed, and the electronic chase begins. Hint: that somebody is Sony.

What was supposed to be kept under wraps became unwrapped when speedy1961, who somehow is affiliated with Circuit City, let loose the information about the PlayStation3 price drop. Speedy told Cheap Ass Gamer, and the information became news. The news reached Circuit City, and they wanted answers.

Who is speedy1961, and how did he or she get this information? These are questions Circuit City needs to know, so they sent out a subpoena, which is a legal word that basically means to get information for evidence, to CAG.

“I’ve actually already hired a lawyer,” CheapyD said in a podcast today. “We are going to, you know, I don’t want to necessarily say fight this, but we’re going to do what we can within our legal power.”

The subpoena Circuit City sent CheapyD is a demand for all information about speedy, which apparently comes down to an e-mail and ip address, the only information CAG has about speedy, and it remains to be seen whether or not CAG will actually have to give up this information. From the podcast, it sounds like CheapyD definitely does not want to say yes to “the man.”

I’m not sure exactly what can be done with an IP or e-mail address these days, but I think speedy’s service provider would probably be involved in the next step. For some reason, this all seems unnecessary, but I guess somebody is trying to give the impressions that the eleventh commandment, which states “thou shalt not reveal any embargoed information,” is something to be feared.

via Cheap Ass Gamer

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3 Comments on Circuit City Subpoenas Cheap Ass Gamer over PS3 Price Drop Leak


On August 10, 2007 at 3:36 pm

Whats so bad about speedy1961 giving away the price cut planned for the PS3 information? Did it really harm Sony that much? Did it not rather get the ball rolling on forums getting everyone pumped up and ready to buy the console? I know I bought it because of that.

The only bad thing I see about what speedy did is let Microsoft know about the price cut and leaving them enough time to retaliate…but I mean…it gave them like a week or 2. Not more.


On August 10, 2007 at 9:34 pm

@ Peter, in the business world this would be viewed as a bad thing, you see the price cut was originally planned for e3, the day of the press conference, it was instead leaked the prior week, forcing sony to drop the price early, think about it, there may have been more sales during the time it was leaked and the time when the price cut happened, thats not to say “ZOMG sony is evilz oz no” truth is every company has well planned price cuts for any product they sell, and while its true that it did help like you mentioned that is looking at it as the glass ‘half full’, in venture capitalism one goal is to see they glass as always ‘half empty’, and strive to see the glass ‘full’ So it could be viewed as lost sales and of course the legal ramifications for breaking an embargo, if any at all.


On August 11, 2007 at 1:53 pm

What this person did was wrong whichever way you look at it. They have betrayed the trust of their employer which has in turn damaged the relationship their employer has with their supplier. They have leaked confidential pricing info into the public domain which had a number of consequences. It caused confusion and bad press with people from Sony being asked about the price cut a week before they were due to announce it, also partly sabotaging their E3 presentation. There is also the rather serious matter that this untrustworthy little could just as easily have given the info to someone who would use the inside info to speculate on Sony stock.

The only chance this person has is if they registered with CAG from a PC that has nothing to do with them and gave no details that can identify them. Otherwise their IP or Email address will be traced back to their ISP who will be requested by a court order to supply customer details.