Cliffy B Says Heavy Rain Should Have Been Marketed To Ladies

Funny story: Heavy Rain was kind of a really terrible game, but it started with a good and novel idea, and so people still talk about it. And in Ken Levine’s interview podcast, he said maybe Heavy Rain should have been marketed to the ladies. Unfortunately, he kinda frames his point douchily (yes, I just created a word). Here is the full quote.

I hate to sound misogynistic, but for me it feels like such a great game for a girl who wouldn’t normally play games, because women love true crime. I don’t know what it is, and I’ve said this on my Twitter before; they love two things in life: queso dip and true crime. It’s like, just give me the Lifetime show Snapped and some queso dip, and she’s good, man. And you market that to that audience — you say Heavy Rain advertised in like Playstation magazines and things like that, and, dude, why isn’t this in Entertainment Weekly … and why aren’t you marketing this to the right crowd? There are scenes where I was literally almost dropping the controller because it was paced so well. The first scene — Madison in her apartment, and the guys were all chasing after her — that was just brilliant. If you just just ship that, and had that disc shipped with all these women’s magazines, you would maybe sell twice as much.

And if teh womenz knew the game was a s**t melodrama, they’d want it even more, amirite, Cliffy? Ladies love that s**t! <–obvious joke

You might wanna consider your words more carefully next time, bro, or, if you’re determined to make that joke, don’t preface it with “I hate to sound misogynistic,” which is actually you admitting that you sound misogynistic. Or maybe you should sound like you’re actually making a joke.

Anyway, Eurogamer posted the quote (badly, I might add — they kinda f**ked it up, but not so much that they altered the spirit of what he said), and CliffyB got mad on Twitter. Here are his tweets:

Oh Eurogamer, you so silly.

When bad pullquote summaries attack. If you see the Heavy Rain quote please read the full quote. Fred, next time I see you it’s on! :)

This type of journalism is going to force devs to never be able to comment on peers products and force devs into talking PR fact sheets.

Anybody who actually listens to me knows I love Heavy Rain and I think David Cage is the fucking MAN.


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1 Comment on Cliffy B Says Heavy Rain Should Have Been Marketed To Ladies


On November 6, 2010 at 6:03 am

So, i guess just in case anyone was beginning to forget that CliffyB is the biggest douche this side of Derek Smart, he gives us this reminder. Way to go Cliff.