CNET Responds to Gerstmann Firing; Alleged "Employees" Comment on Situation

jeff gerstmannAfter all of the hoopla yesterday about Gerstmann getting canned from Gamespot – comes official word from CNET as to the reasons behind the firing. Here is their official stance:

“GameSpot takes its editorial integrity extremely seriously. For over a decade, GameSpot and the many members of its editorial team have produced thousands of unbiased reviews that have been a valuable resource for the gaming community. At CNET Networks, we stand behind the editorial content that our teams produce on a daily basis.”

Yep, that is all they have stated for the record, along with telling that “they do not elaborate on the circumstances, stating only that it was their policy not to comment on the status of its current or former employees. ”

So, there ya have it folks. For those of you wanting to know exactly what is going on with this, can be thankful and happy that Eidos most likely had nothing to do with this – as it was most likely a Gamespot issue. Gerstmann himself has confirmed to another gaming site that “legal reasons” prevent him from commenting on the rumors, but these legal ramifications have not stopped “supposed” Gamestop employees from ranting anonymously on different forums. Most recently these comments have been posted on Valleywag, and while you can never be quite sure these people are who they say they are, they do seem to be privy to some inside information.

Whatever the case may be, you can judge and speculate for yourselves. No matter what the truth may be, everyone will continue to think whatever they wish. Personally, I hope that if he was indeed fired for the reasons that these anonymous “employees” claim, that gamers will be intelligent enough to realize that this isolated incident is not indicative of gaming sites in general.

For the full barrage of comments from supposed employees of Gamespot, visit Kotaku’s take on the subject.

Thanks:, Kotaku, and ValleyWag

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7 Comments on CNET Responds to Gerstmann Firing; Alleged "Employees" Comment on Situation


On December 1, 2007 at 1:37 pm

Yeah, I mean, reviewing a game based on your opinions and then getting sacked for it is fine…if you’re an idiot. I feel sorry for him. Gives his honest reviews and gets sacked because the people who invested heavily in advertising didn’t like what he had to say. Perhaps they should have made a better game?


On December 1, 2007 at 2:05 pm

Perhaps the G-man should start his own site. You just can’t trust the big name review sites any more it seems…


On December 1, 2007 at 2:53 pm

That reminds me, I need to have a chat with you Steph over your review for Manhunt 2. Let’s just say that I recommend you update your resume ;)

*NOTE: That was completely satirical. I don’t have the power to fire anyone, and if I did, we all know Ron would be the one to get the boot.

*NOTE 2: That previous NOTE was satirical as well. We all appreciate Ron’s hard work and dedication and would never let him go. We’re pretty much stuck with him anyways.


On December 2, 2007 at 3:30 am

Well luckily I pulled out of this site when Rich Gallup “moved on” to be with family and personal reasons. I think he caught wind of this and as Jeff and the boys were his friends he probably felt better being far away and keeping friendships intact then being pulled in blind as a bat… Gamespot, if anything will be sacked for the next month, 1. They have yet to OFFICIALLY confirm that Jeff did not get fired for the advertising and instead gave a, “is not affected by outside pressure” statement instead… 2. This is horrible for Eidos, I look for them to turn around and sue, and 3. This is bad for CNet. I mean ANY site connected to Gamespot right now, ANY advertising connected and ANY games that are new are getting both, A LOT of attention and bad attention at that. Everyone loves a scandal but this coming on the heels that the gaming industry has started to die Consumer side and rise on Publisher side it is not a good outlook for the end of the year and probably will be left unchanged for the next Fiscal Quarter with sales dropping far below expected numbers. This is all speculation and all but it is interesting enough to note that everytime something BIG like this happens, it sends ripples throgh the system as big as a typhoon storm hitting the island country of Naru (Look it up)…

Ok I’ve got 5 more weeks of vacation time to save the world of the Gaming Industry starting…. At Gamespot Headquarters!


*Waits for the hate mail and Cease and Disist Letters about spreading panic throughout the comment bins on this situation*

PS: Attacks on Gamespot Headquarters is purely fictional and mostly all of this post was created by the fantisful world of my mind so don’t take me too seriously and sorry for spelling and grammar but its 3am… I HAVE NO LIFE, get used to it please. Thanks


On December 2, 2007 at 11:15 am

“ramifications have not stopped “supposed” Gamestop employees from ranting anonymously on different forums”

Gamestop employees know about this!??!?


On December 2, 2007 at 2:17 pm

When Greg Kasvin (sp?) left Gamespot is when i left it as well…not only was he a good reviewer he was also editor in chief, as soon as he left things started going downhill.

Tim griggs

On December 7, 2007 at 2:34 pm

Well, the good news is I finally understand some of the cnet reviews, such as certain software getting editor reviews of 9.8 and member reviews of 4.5. The members were not getting paid for their reviews.

Eidos, last game I buy from them. Cnet and Gamespot, how about changing your review system to the $ to $$$$$.