Ghosts: Exodus – Secret “You Wish” Achievement Guide

Earn the last achievement / trophy in Call of Duty: Ghosts with our “You Wish” guide below.

Eager alien-hunters might unlock this one all on their own, but the rest of us need some assistance. See what to collect, what to summon, and what to do right here.

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Secret “You Wish” Achievement Guide

To unlock the hidden “You Wish” achievement, you’ll need two ingredients. This one is only available on the “Exodus” Extinction map included with the Nemesis DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

  • 1. The Hypno Knife
  • 2. A Ancestor Alien

How to Find the Hypno Knife

The Hypno Knife is a special random drop that upgrades your regular melee knife. Once it’s equipped, throwing or melee attacks will turn a basic enemy Cryptid into an ally that fights with you.

First, find a Hypno Knife by searching through randomly spawning crates, piles of debris, or anything else that can be interacted with.

How to Summon the Ancestor

To summon an Ancestor on Exodus, you’ll need to reach at least the second generator. Fight into the large parking garage outside the main gates in the first spawn point and get the generator going.

This should bring an enemy Ancestor onto the map. Look for a large white head-with-tentacles icon in the distance. The Ancestor is a mini-boss enemy with its own health bar and a slew of special attacks. Make sure you have the Hypno Knife ready before summoning an Ancestor into battle.

How to Unlock the “You Wish” Achievement / Trophy

Now for the easy part — throw the Hypno Knife directly at the Ancestor. If you miss, the Hypno Knife can be recollected off the ground. Look for a bright glowing white light.

If your Knife lands on the Ancestor’s shield, the “You Wish” achievement should pop. It’s a cruel joke by Infinity Ward — there’s no way to turn the Ancestor. It shouldn’t be a surprise to veteran Extinction players; the Hypno Knife doesn’t work on Seekers, Lepers, Rhinos, or any of the boss aliens.

The achievement should appear even if the Ancestor’s blue shield is up. To bring the shield down, use the NX-1 Disruptor gun or the NX-1 grenade. Once the Ancestor is vulnerable, you can kill it but the Hypno Knife still won’t work. You win this round, Infinity Ward.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • You Wish (20 points / Bronze):
    Hit an Ancestor with a Hypno Knife in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

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