Comic-Con 2011: Resistance 3 Panel Recap

Did you love Resistance: Fall of Man? Thought Resistance 2 was good, but not quite what you were looking for? Well then according to Creative Director Marcus Smith and his team, Resistance 3 is going to be exactly what you’re looking for.

First of all, the weapon wheel is back. For a lot of you, that’s all you needed to read to know you were going to be interested in the series again. While Marcus made it clear that they do not regret any of the design choices of Resistance 2, they’re very aware of how player’s felt toward some of the changes and have tweaked things to feel more like Fall of Man, but without fully abandoning Resistance 2. “R2 was a great game. I wouldn’t take anything away from that. It was just a different game.”

Marcus also made it clear that Insomniac’s focus for Resistance 3 was the theme and story above all else – something not entirely true for the best installments. “It’s a dark, bleak game. At least at the start. It’s your job to change that.” To convey this since of world and change, the team has put a big emphasis on NPC’s that feel as though they really live and survive in the environment they inhabit. From curling in a corner and weeping to sweeping the floors of a makeshift home, there are all around more characters with more animations.

It’s clear that Insomniac want to provide more motivation to the player in their planet-saving quest. After all, why would you want to save a world without inhabitants worth saving? Marcus made it clear that they had the opportunity to focus their new animations this time around on people because in the past their efforts were honed on guns, “It was a military shooter”.

What better way then to capture the breathe of life for characters then with some serious mocap (motion capture) action. It was clarified at the panel that Fall of Man had  zero mocap implementation and that Resistance 2 employed it for some body animations, but no facial expressions. This was the most Insomniac had done with the tech and they seem  very pleased. Even voice actors Robin Downe and Crispin Freeman expressed enjoyment with the process.

Two different types of mocap recordings were done, each in a different facility. The first was partial-mocap, done in a huge hangar-of-a-room studio where actors could perform stunts and environmental interactions. During one presentation video we saw a character hanging from the edge of a helicopter. A stunt that actually involved a mocap actor clinging to a very high suspension.

The second motion recordings were full performance. This involves registering both the bodies and faces of the actors for each scene. Not just that, moving away from common practice, Insomniac actually chose to do the voice recordings while in this setting. Marcus explained that when there is a disconnect between voice actors, such as recording performances from a chair in a booth and on different days, the player feels the lack of real-world presence and is uninterested in the scene. “The performance is in the subtlety… With this the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

Wrapping up Resistance 3 info Marcus made it clear that there will be no ridiculous grinding trophies this time around, such as the infamous 10,000 kills online reward. Responding to questions from the audience Marcus also explained that the future of the franchise actually rests with Sony, the IP owners, not Insomniac. As far as other ventures go, there is a Resistance game for the PSVita in the works and Sony/Insomniac are looking into doing more comic books.

I’d also just like to point out that during Q&A Marcus was tossed a few difficult questions (such as a comparison to Halo with an emphasis on theft), but handled himself and his answers fantastically. While I’m normally all for challenging questions, the ones represented here were based more on being an asshole than trying to discover interesting information. So kudos to Marcus for remaining in control of the conversation.

So was that it for the panel? Hell no! Insomniac announced an all new game: Global Resistance. This free to play browser based MMO strategy game takes the Resistance universe and places it on a persistent, world-viewed map. That means every player, no matter where in the world they’re playing, is looking at the same map, watching the struggle between the humans and chimera unfold.

It all starts by choosing a side. Who do you want to take control of the world? Well if your bet doesn’t play out, don’t worry. Matches are expected to last around two to three weeks and then everything resets and begins anew.

Though actual gameplay wasn’t shown, the quick glimpes in the video presentation looked like a cross between Risk and Advanced Wars. A mix-up I can get behind. Expect nation-to-nation conflicts but with battles being staged between individual companies. The drive is to claim resources for your side and you’ll do so by building bases and units, then taking on actual (real-world) humans in PvP conflicts.

Though slated only for standard web browsers, Marcus said there would be tie-ins to PSN and Facebook accounts, including cross-game promotions such as XP boosters, new skins, items, and more. The concept was internally developed by Insomniac but brought to fruition by Soap Creative Designs. And the best part of all? By the time you read this, the game’s beta will have launched! So get out there and help fight the war.

And keep your eyes peeled for ways to join Resistance 3′s multiplayer open beta when it launches sometime during the first week of August. Expect to get your TDM and Chain Reaction on before the game’s full release September 6th.

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