Company of Heroes 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Stalingrad Rail Station
  • Mission 2: Scorched Earth
  • Mission 3: Support is on the Way
  • Mission 4: The Miraculous Winter
  • Mission 5: Stalingrad
  • Mission 6: Stalingrad Aftermath
  • Mission 7: The Landbridge to Leningrad
  • Mission 8: Panser Hunting
  • Mission 9: Radio Silence
  • Mission 10: Lublin
  • Mission 11: Behind Enemy Lines
  • Mission 12: Poznan Citadel
  • Mission 13: Halbe
  • Mission 14: The Reichstag
  • Mission 9: Radio Silence

    1. Wait for your outpost to finish construction, then send a unit of ground troops across the road to the west and have them approach the enemy territory above through the break in the tree-line.
    2. Move a pair of scout cars up the road to the west at the same time your ground troops start firing through the treelike and watch both units clear out the initial wave of enemies above, then use flamethrowers to attack the largest building within the hostile territory and quickly destroy the anti-tank gun that emerges from it.
    3. Capture the western enemy territory to replenish and upgrade your resources, then send the two scout cars from this area and several units stationed at the original outpost towards the next hostile base in the north.
    4. Have your wave of ground troops go in first with grenades to quickly eliminate any anti-tank guns, then send in the scout cars after them to continue clearing the area with the help of flamethrowers and machine-gunfire.
    5. Burn down the enemy structure beside the bridge and remove all remaining threats to capture the second territory, then upgrade and replenish your forces for the next battle to come.
    6. After a German airstrike to knocks out your communications, send all available units towards the remaining territory in the east and approach this area using the train tracks that run from the north.
    7. Send a wave of ground troops down the tracks on the left to distract the anti-tank gun below and move a scout car down the tracks on the right to flank this heavy weapon, then continue pushing the vehicle south to finish clearing the area and capture the indicated territory to reestablish communication.
    8. Move your troops and vehicles west to find the third set of train tracks, then follow them north to locate the next enemy territory and stop within the surrounding trees to avoid being mowed down.
    9. Wait until the Katyushu Rocket Truck becomes available, then send it towards the current enemy territory to clear the area out with a volley of missiles and send the rest of your troops forward with anti-tank guns to capture it.
    10. Keep a few trucks and anti-tank guns within the recently captured area to fend off the next invasion that comes from the east, then point the Katyushu towards the enemy territory to the west and have it target the heavy artillery guarding the perimeter.
    11. Continue launching concentrated rocket barrages at the line of artillery protecting the area to the west and replenish or reinforce your resources to prepare for the next battle to come, then mobilize a T-34 to join the ranks and proceed towards the enemy territory with the rest of the Soviet army.
    12. Circle around the bunker with multiple vehicles to clear the bunker of all remaining threats and deploy another Katyushu from the original outpost, then have the rocket trucks meet up at the northernmost territory you control in the east and have them target the large enemy tanks past the broken bridge above.
    13. Move your most formidable ground troops to the northernmost territory you control in the west and have them march upward to the next enemy village above, then watch them overtake and commandeer the initial anti-tank gun they encounter.
    14. Have your ground troops move across the road to the east to eliminate the enemies guarding the broken bridge and order the rocket trucks to send a constant volley of missiles towards the large tanks behind it.
    15. Shift your gaze back to the north-westernmost territory you control and use T-34s to defeat the enemy flamethrower vehicle that approaches from the train tracks above, then move ground troops into the building to the left of the three giant tanks and continue bombing them with the rocket trucks.
    16. Send your T-34 towards the gap in the broken bridge above so that the three giant tanks are now taking hits from it, the building on the left and the rocket trucks in the distance, then wait until they have all been destroyed and capture the territory directly behind them.
    17. Replenish your losses and upgrade or repair what you can of the forces that remain, then send a few scouts towards the northeastern corner of the map to locate a multitude of enemy vehicles and deploy an 11-2 Bomber to attack this area.
    18. Order a large wave of troops, tanks and artillery to advance on the northeast enemy territory, then launch a volley of missiles from the rocket trucks to pelt this area repeatedly and watch the Soviet army clear out the remaining threats.
    19. Capture the northeaster territory to replenish and upgrade your forces, then send them west to the remaining enemy stronghold and open fire on this with the rocket trucks as soon as they are in range.
    20. Split your army so that ground troops advance on the enemy HQ from the south and vehicles approach from the east, then target the artillery first to weaken their defenses immediately and commandeer them for extra firepower.
    21. Continue launching rockets and sending in the 11-2 Bomber to decimate the HQ from a safe distance, then push your tanks and artillery forward to clear out the enemy troops from the safety of the hilltop that overlooks the main building and capture the remaining territories to complete this mission.

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