Company of Heroes 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Stalingrad Rail Station
  • Mission 2: Scorched Earth
  • Mission 3: Support is on the Way
  • Mission 4: The Miraculous Winter
  • Mission 5: Stalingrad
  • Mission 6: Stalingrad Aftermath
  • Mission 7: The Landbridge to Leningrad
  • Mission 8: Panser Hunting
  • Mission 9: Radio Silence
  • Mission 10: Lublin
  • Mission 11: Behind Enemy Lines
  • Mission 12: Poznan Citadel
  • Mission 13: Halbe
  • Mission 14: The Reichstag
  • Mission 10: Lublin

    1. After adding a scout car and multiple squadrons that include mortars to your forces, proceed along the road to the northwest and watch the Soviet Army cut down the first wave of enemies it encounters above.
    2. Continue pushing your troops along the road that leads to the west and watch them clear the areas on either side of it, then repair or reinforce the vehicles you control and send more ground from the base in the south to join the fight.
    3. Order the Soviet forces to now head north with the vehicles in the lead and watch them engage the next wave of enemies waiting above, then proceed along the roads in a northwester direction to continue clearing the map of threats and use the scout car equipped with flamethrowers for the harder to reach hostiles.
    4. Advance on the building occupied by enemies in the southwest corner of the map and circle around it with the scout car to eventually burn the structure down, then add another one of these vehicles to your ranks and execute second round of repairs.
    5. Load as many troops as you can into three scout cars and two tanks, then send them all to the indicated territory at the center of the mini-map and circle around the building within its perimeter to fire on the area from every angle.
    6. Capture the enemy territory to replenish and upgrade your forces, then send the majority of the Soviet army towards the western corner of the mini-map and put the vehicles up front as a means of protecting the wave of ground troops.
    7. Watch as the Soviet army cuts through the Germans protecting the next enemy territory ahead and keep your vehicles in constant motion to avoid having them destroyed, then capture the hostile area hidden amongst the ruins slight to the north and proceed towards the western corner of the map.
    8. Continue in the direction of the arrow icon that appears ahead and have your tanks stop in front of the barricades that guard the indicated courtyard, then watch the vehicles open fire on the enemy territory behind the fountain and send in a large wave of ground troops from the south to act as clean-up.
    9. Push the entire Soviet army onto the marked territory to invade and capture it, then send a few scout cars to circle around behind the large piece of artillery above and eliminate the soldiers who currently man it.
    10. Make the necessary repairs and upgrades to prepare your forces for the next battle to come, then add vehicles to the ranks if possible and send the Soviet army along the route that borders the northwest side of the mini-map towards the enemy territory at the top.
    11. Send your vehicles as one massive group ahead of the ground troops and have them clear out the artillery that appears on the left side of the road, then use a scout car equipped with flamethrowers to deal with the German soldiers on foot and proceed north through the gaps in the brick wall above.
    12. Continue pushing your troops north to clear out the enemies blocking the path above and focus tank fire on the German-occupied buildings you encounter along the way, then smash through the next brick wall ahead to capture the territory on the left and take a moment to heal or replenish the Soviet forces.
    13. Put your vehicles up front to proceed towards the indicated territory in the north corner of the map and distract the next pair of enemy Pansers above with a scout car so you can destroy them with the Soviet tanks, then capture the second hostile territory and cross the adjacent street on the left to eliminate a large wave of Germans.
    14. Following the next cut scene, replenish your forces to their maximum capabilities with both vehicles and soldiers to send them south towards the indicated castle on the mini-map.
    15. Move the Soviet army onto the road to the left of the castle gates and have them hold their position to draw the enemy tanks into range, then assault them with your combat vehicles and soldiers as a means of destruction or distraction.
    16. Locate the ISU-152s south of the castle and move them into position in front of the gate, then deploy a bomber plane to soften the hostile defenses and have the rest of your army join the pair of large tanks to push back the surrounding enemies.
    17. Target the castle’s front gate with the ISU-152s and watch them open fire on it, then split your Soviet vehicles between the left and right sides of the two large tanks to protect them until the mission is complete.

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