Company of Heroes 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Stalingrad Rail Station
  • Mission 2: Scorched Earth
  • Mission 3: Support is on the Way
  • Mission 4: The Miraculous Winter
  • Mission 5: Stalingrad
  • Mission 6: Stalingrad Aftermath
  • Mission 7: The Landbridge to Leningrad
  • Mission 8: Panser Hunting
  • Mission 9: Radio Silence
  • Mission 10: Lublin
  • Mission 11: Behind Enemy Lines
  • Mission 12: Poznan Citadel
  • Mission 13: Halbe
  • Mission 14: The Reichstag
  • Mission 14: The Reichstag

    1. Hold your troops steady so that the tank can clear out enemies ahead and Soviet reinforcements can arrive from behind you, then continue deploying forces from the outpost in the east and blast through the indicated roadblock to proceed forward.
    2. Put a half-track and tank in front of the unit to quickly capture the next territory ahead, then replenish your forces and destroy the roadblock in front of the bridge to start crossing it.
    3. Push your IS-2 through the enemy forces on the bridge to reach the other side, then quickly throw the entire unit into reverse once it’s made clear that the structure is rigged with explosives and return to the previous territory before the blast.
    4. Move your army across the partially destroyed bridge to finish crossing it and activate a cut scene, then move the Soviet vehicles into range of the next territory above to capture it and target the two smoke clouds that suddenly appear on the roads to the north.
    5. Repair your vehicles as they fend off the Germans that emerge from the smoke clouds and defeat the invading waves to replenish troops within the newly captured territory, then focus all of the army’s fire power on the next enemy tank that approaches from above to destroy it and proceed up the road on the left to reach the next hostile camp.
    6. Order the IS-2 to target the Stuge Crew that runs by above on the left and blow them away before they can get very far, then destroy the indicated roadblocks and return to the previous territory to now travel up the road on the right.
    7. Push your vehicles directly into the enemies taking cover behind the sandbags above and target the nearby vehicle with a tank to destroy it, then send ground troops through the ruins to the east and watch them wipe out the wave of German soldiers hiding on the other side.
    8. Capture the Ministry of the Interior Building within the ruins above your vehicles, then send them east to join the rest of your ground troops and move the whole army north to break through the next line of roadblocks.
    9. Send a large wave of ground troops ahead of the vehicles to eliminate the next anti-tank gun and move the tanks in afterwards to finish clearing the area, then capture the nearby territory and prepare your forces for the battle to come.
    10. Move your troops south from the current location by putting the vehicles up front to overtake and capture the next enemy territory below, then send the Soviet Army north towards the arrow icons that appear at the top of the screen and use the IS-2 to blow through the hostile vehicles guarding the road.
    11. Follow the road slightly towards the west to reach the Opera House’s lobby and send in multiple tanks at once to clear the area, then use ground troops to capture this territory and proceed north with the Soviet vehicles to continue eliminating the German forces above.
    12. Position the tanks in a line outside the crumbling walls of the auditorium and have them fire at the German troops that occupy the center of this structure, then send in a large wave of foot soldiers with flamethrowers to overtake the area at close-range and capture the indicated territory to receive your next objective.
    13. Send your forces west with a large unit of vehicles up front to quickly eliminate any enemy tanks they encounter along the way and turn the army slightly towards the north, then send in ground troops and half-tracks armed with flamethrowers to clear out any bunkers or anti-tank guns waiting ahead.
    14. Keep your tanks at a safe distance to blast through the German defenses blocking the next land bridge and bomb the enemy bunker to the left of it with a mortar team, then move the Soviet Army to the other side of the river and call in an airstrike to start softening up the surrounding area.
    15. Call in airstrikes and position mortar teams to decimate the bunkers that have been dug in on the left, then proceed in the direction of the on-screen arrow icons and capture the Reichstag’s main entrance located above to start replenishing your forces.
    16. Use ground forces and half-tracks armed with machine guns or flamethrowers to clear the front windows of the Reichstag without destroying the building itself, then retreat to the next closest territory under your control and wait for the enemy Tigers to arrive from the north.
    17. Utilize airstrikes and keep your tanks at a safe distance to attack the Tigers that appear by the main entrance, then commandeer the anti-tank guns in the surrounding area and use them to continue destroying these hostile vehicles.
    18. Mobilize large squadrons of penal soldiers to approach the Tigers and draw their fire away from the rest of your army, then attack the enemy vehicles from behind with a Soviet tank or field gun.
    19. Continue reinforcing the Soviet army with additional vehicles and ground troops armed with anti-tank weapons to overcome the Tiger invasion, then finish clearing the area with the help of air strikes to complete the mission.

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