Company of Heroes 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Stalingrad Rail Station
  • Mission 2: Scorched Earth
  • Mission 3: Support is on the Way
  • Mission 4: The Miraculous Winter
  • Mission 5: Stalingrad
  • Mission 6: Stalingrad Aftermath
  • Mission 7: The Landbridge to Leningrad
  • Mission 8: Panser Hunting
  • Mission 9: Radio Silence
  • Mission 10: Lublin
  • Mission 11: Behind Enemy Lines
  • Mission 12: Poznan Citadel
  • Mission 13: Halbe
  • Mission 14: The Reichstag
  • Mission 6: Stalingrad Aftermath

    1. Send a scout car and squadron of snipers out towards the indicated territory in the west, then move the the vehicles in a circle around the area’s perimeter to weed out the snipers and capture the territory.
    2. Reinforce the vehicles and heal the troops, then send them towards the next two bridge to the east and split your forces between them to clear the area more efficiently.
    3. Once the enemy wave has been subdued, send your troops north to encounter the German army again on the road above and deploy the anti-tank gun to help remove any hostile vehicles.
    4. Acquire the fuel cache in the next territory you capture on the road to the west and send your forces to the next indicated area to the east, then focus the vehicles’ gunfire on the German anti-tank guns and finish clearing out the remaining hostiles.
    5. Retreat from the central plaza to avoid the attack from the incoming Stuka and send your forces to the territory in the north, then use an anti-tank gun to clear the road more effectively and protect the Soviet vehicles.
    6. Capture the next territory above to acquire the anti-tank grenades and reinforce all your vehicles, then send them towards the next indicated area to the east and utilize these new munitions to quickly destroy the enemy car that appears.
    7. Head south with your army to illuminate the next territory with a flare and send in the conscripts to help you locate the enemy snipers’ positions, then send the scouts towards these hostiles to pick them off from the windows in the building above and fire the anti-tank gun at the structure as well to bring it down.
    8. Finish clearing out the remaining snipers to activate a cut scene, then load a squadron of engineers into a scout car and send it with the rest of your forces towards the current objective marker on the mini-map.
    9. Stand your ground each time you encounter enemy forces and put the anti-tank guns up front to dispose of the hostile vehicles, then continue moving the troops in the direction of Isakovich’s location and send the scout cars first to travel across the map more quickly.
    10. Capture the territory adjacent to the trapped captain and move the majority of your forces to this location to defend it, then watch the mini-map to anticipate the arrival of enemy troops and position the Soviet army in a circular formation at a distance from Isakovich to keep him safe.
    11. Deploy at least two anti-tank guns to fend off the enemy vehicles that approach from multiple directions and use grenades to damage these transports even further, then continue defending the captain’s location and move these guns nearer to him if the hostiles start to slowly close in.
    12. Keep Isakovich safe from the enemy forces until the timer expires to complete this mission.

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