Company of Heroes 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Stalingrad Rail Station
  • Mission 2: Scorched Earth
  • Mission 3: Support is on the Way
  • Mission 4: The Miraculous Winter
  • Mission 5: Stalingrad
  • Mission 6: Stalingrad Aftermath
  • Mission 7: The Landbridge to Leningrad
  • Mission 8: Panser Hunting
  • Mission 9: Radio Silence
  • Mission 10: Lublin
  • Mission 11: Behind Enemy Lines
  • Mission 12: Poznan Citadel
  • Mission 13: Halbe
  • Mission 14: The Reichstag
  • Mission 7: The Landbridge to Leningrad

    1. Keep your troops in constant motion to cross the frozen river before the ice breaks and use grenades or molotovs to clear out the enemies ahead, then split the forces between the two paths on the riverbed and use the surrounding structures above as cover.
    2. Have your split forces converge on the enemies at the top and heal them to survive the next battle, then use grenades to destroy the hostiles around the indicated piece of enemy artillery above and continue clearing the area.
    3. Capture the next territory above to commandeer the piece of artillery previously held by the Germans and deploy a scout car onto the riverbank as well, then point the large gun at the building to the west and send the vehicle towards the indicated structure towards the east to destroy them both.
    4. Following the next cut scene, send all of your forces at once across the bridge to the west and put the troops or vehicles armed with flamethrowers at the front.
    5. Split your troops between the buildings on the other side of the bridge to burn them down quickly and keep them on the move constantly to avoid incoming enemy fire, then push the tanks towards the front as a means of cover and eliminating threats from a longer distance.
    6. Continue pushing your troops up the road to the northwest and keep their numbers high by replenishing or deploying more, then send the tanks in at a distance to clear the initial wave of enemies inside the German HQ sector and send the ground soldiers in at close range to finish the job.
    7. Once you have captured the indicated HQ, split off a large squadron of ground troops to continue up the road to the northwest and have them invade the remaining enemy territory at the end with the help of grenades or molotovs.
    8. Move all of your tanks, vehicles and anti-tank ruins within the perimeter of the HQ, have the engineers plant a line of land mines along the border of the enemy territory to the northeast of this position and wait for the first attack.
    9. If enemy forces are able to breach the HQ perimeter, move the anti-tank guns and soldiers with grenades to the outside of it so they can continue attacking from a safe distance.
    10. Continue defending the HQ sector until the enemy forces are depleted, then upgrade and reinforce what’s left of your army to start sending it towards the hostiles territory in the northeast section of the map.
    11. Use ground troops with anti-tank guns to capture the next territory above and check the mini-map for the remaining enemy strongholds, then send your forces to these locations by putting the tanks up front and attacking the indicated structures from a safe distance.
    12. As the hostile forces are weeded out in these areas, move your army forward slowly to concentrate gunfire the on the indicated buildings and send the rest of the ground troops in to wipe out any straggling German soldiers.
    13. Once the indicated base has been captured, aim the anti-tank guns at the adjacent roads to defend from incoming enemy vehicles and replenish or reinforce your army for the battles to come.
    14. Deploy two or three anti-tank guns into the base that’s adjacent to the eastern garrison and have a scout car approach at close-distance to unload artillery on the structure until its destroyed, then send as many tanks as you can towards the remaining enemy territory in the northwest corner of the map and use them to double-team the hostile vehicles encountered along the way.
    15. Send your tanks around the left side of the bridge leading to the final garrison and push ground troops armed with molotovs or grenades across it to approach the building at close-range, then have the soldiers use the nearby sandbags as cover and watch as the structure is completely destroyed by the Soviet army to complete this mission.

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