Posted on February 5, 2008,

Consoles Stealing Hardcore PC Gamers, Says Mark Rein


The usual fanboy wars are ultimately a major exercise in futility (and idiocy… and a lot of other things), but when you hear a bigwig like Epic Games’ Mark Rein, it’s worth listening to. In an interview with Guardian Unlimited, Rein was asked if he thought consoles were catching up to PCs in terms of the FPS genre, which has traditionally been stronger on PC.

His response:

I’m a real fan of the PC, but yes, consoles are definitely stealing a lot of hardcore gamers from the PC. When Call of Duty 4 came out, I heard some of our guys sitting around talking about the great game they’d had last night and I’m like, ‘Hey guys, what server are you playing on? I’d love to come and join you,’ and they said, ‘Just send us a friends request,’ It was at that point I realized they were all playing it on console. Plus, the sales of the console versions are something like ten times the sales of the PC versions.

With that in mind, you’ve got to think that Mark Rein is happy that they brought Unreal Tournament 3 to PS3 and (hopefully, in the future) Xbox 360.

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8 Comments on Consoles Stealing Hardcore PC Gamers, Says Mark Rein


On February 5, 2008 at 1:50 am

When will consoles ever be able to compete with the pc with fps’s, i’ll tell you never!

reason 1 – Mouse and keyboard
reason 2 – why pay £50 when you can pay £30 for the pc version that will look better.
reason 3 – 3rd party mods extend the life of a game infinately


On February 5, 2008 at 2:16 am

I haven’t liked Mark or Epic in general for the last couple years. Blaming ing Intel for PC gaming’s slow period, ing and moaning about piracy when the UT games are essentially pirate-proof since you have to have a legit, unique CD key to play them online, making Gears of War a 360 exclusive for a good long while then releasing a crap, underperforming, poorly optimized PC port in dire need of some patching, making the requirements for UT3 and Gears way too high…
Valve has, for me, completely replaced Epic as the forefront of PC gaming. Epic was ing great back in the day. I don’t know what’s happened to them in the last few years, but its really sad. Epic, ID, 3D Realms… a lot of the old guys are dying out, turning to crap. All over the field, too, not just with PC gaming. SquareEnix, Konami, Tri Ace, all have been really disappointing me in the last few years. Valve’s really the only constantly impressive developer out there right now, IMO.

By the way, “Console sales are 10x PC” is bull. PC sales in total market share are equal to any one console. Putting all the console sales together to compare paints an incorrect picture.


On February 5, 2008 at 3:43 am

Consoles Stealing Hardcore PC Gamers, Says Mark Rein :lol: :lol: look who’s here, Marky the noobie. Epic haven’t made nothing good for last years (GOW – take cover then shoot, repeat 1000 times or UT3′s the same old stuff) What he calls the hardcore? regen health, the granade indicator and other console rubbish? :lol: Marky’s guys were saying how they like COD4. it has to be a hardcore game? :lol: COD4 is another console shooter on PC. its place is just on consoles :lol: COD4 is COD1 just new weapons, maps and graphics. That game will never catch up with CS on PC. by the way, All IW can do is do the same. PC gaming moves forward the industry (that’s why NVidia,intel and other companies do their job) otherwise consolers still play PS One :lol:


On February 5, 2008 at 7:15 am

Hey I liked GOW on 360. PC version not so good. Anyhow, before I was a PC gamer I was only a console gamer, how is it that the console is stealing me? Meh. As long as there is PC’s, consoles will never be able to keep up with the power of the ever changing PC. I’m Casey, and I’m a PC and console gamer.


On February 5, 2008 at 8:43 am

@ Dig7al

“reason 1 – Mouse and keyboard”

The PS3 already has a mouse-based controller for FPS oriented games. It can also allow a keyboard to be connected. (Plus six-axis is fun for hoverboard and flying vehicles)

“reason 2 – why pay £50 when you can pay £30 for the pc version that will look better.”

The PS3 version is cranked up to the ‘highest’ possible settings comparable to a PC. Additionally, it has the hardware physics that the PC otherwise requires a Ageia card for. Also, games in the US even for PC now cost $50, alongside console versions that cost only 5 to 10 more.

“reason 3 – 3rd party mods extend the life of a game infinately”

The PS3 version supports mods. You make the mod on the PC, and then users for PS3 can download/use it.

I hate to say it, but UT3 is probably one of the best cross-platform games by way of PC/PS3, since both versions do literally everything (except, you can’t ‘edit’ it with the PS3 itself yet)


On February 5, 2008 at 9:44 am

I don’t think consoles are stealing any hardcore gamers from the PC. I just think the reason they are saying that is because the sales are not that high on the games the put out on the PC because most people are just pirating them or are not satisfied with the demo.

~Death Dream~


On February 5, 2008 at 10:12 am

lol, This thread was obviously going to turn into a flame wars.


Children, does it actually matter.
Just be happy with whatever platform(s) you have.


On February 5, 2008 at 10:17 am

I also think that alot of the blame for lack of PC game sales is to be pointed at the rediculous system specs and poor quality of recent releases.

Why pay £2000 on a pc for a particular game when theres alot of cross platform releases these days that run quite happily ( if some what quality reduced ) on a console.