CONSORTIUM Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • User Agreement
  • Exploring Zenlil
  • Virtual Training
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Kiril Attacks
  • Boarding Party
  • Questioning the Crew
  • The Consortium Queen
  • Mission Preparations
  • Churchill Tower

  • Mission Preparations

    The briefing room is located on deck 3. Take a seat with the other officers to start the briefing session.

    King introduces a new Rook to the room. He’s here to provide more information on the situation in London.

    For some reason, the terrorists believe a chemical weapon is being developed in the tower. When the briefing is over, Kiril will wake up and ask for Bishop. Grab all the gear you need, then run down to speak with the mercenary leader.

    In the brig, Kiril greets you. Oddly, he seems to think Bishop 6 is the traitor. I ask Knight 15 how to proceed of the CMS, and she tells me to indulge his fantasies. Sounds like a plan.

    I let Kiril explain to the entire crew – he says I visited him three times. He seems to think I was giving him orders. It makes no sense, and Knight 15 isn’t inclined to believe him. Good, but this doesn’t help solve the mystery.

    Upstairs, collect mission gear from the cargo containment unit near Rook 25 on the third deck of the hangar.

    Put on the special Free-Fall Suit to replace the regular armor, then talk to R25.The hatch will open, now it’s up to us to jump out!

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    2 Comments on CONSORTIUM Walkthrough


    On April 29, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    I can’t heal Wade when I am in the avionics. Do I have to look for those nanites ? Because when I press E, nothing happens. No green beam or light, nothing. How can I save him ? Is it a bug from the Master Edition ?

    I loaded several files : wheter I have already talked with the Queen before to get to Wade or not doesn’t change anything.

    I wonder if it is a bug only the Master Edition (that I have downloaded few hours ago) has.

    Thank you.


    On April 30, 2014 at 2:02 pm


    I encountered the exact same problem. Actually that’s how I found this site, by looking if more people had this problem.

    I tried it numerous times to heal him, nothing worked.

    What I did was, to jump “out” again, back into the pit. After that, Wade survived anyway. He lands in medbay anyway. I’m sure this costs me some points with the crew, but at least this way the game progresses.