CONSORTIUM Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • User Agreement
  • Exploring Zenlil
  • Virtual Training
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Kiril Attacks
  • Boarding Party
  • Questioning the Crew
  • The Consortium Queen
  • Mission Preparations
  • Churchill Tower

  • User Agreement

    CONSORTIUM starts in an unusual way. Instead of just inhabiting some nameless agent, you’ll get a look at important documents, the “User Agreement”. It all boils down to this – you’re traveling to another dimension, and the choices we’re about to make will change real lives.

    I’m cool with that. Let’s start this sucker up. Click “Agree” and the temporal rift will open. This is a -digital- rift we’re traveling through, so don’t expect the usual vortex.

    As you awake in the new universe, one of the crew knocks on the door. Who and where are you? I decided to play it subtle and not let on that I didn’t belong.

    In the conversation, there’s plenty of ways to play it. You can be completely silent, or you can ask questions. Unfortunately, your interlocutor Rook 25 (Alannah Boyle) isn’t keen on answering all of them.

    But she does mention something called “the K” that you can ask about. This isn’t a strange question – why? It’s a pet name for Knight 15. That’s the leader of the team, who you’ll get to know better in the future.

    On top of all that, a group of mercenaries are escorting the massive craft through the Bulgarian skies.

    Another wrinkle in this conversation – don’t ask any pointed questions about who you are, or who she is. You’ll lose reputation points with her if she thinks you’re asking stupid questions.

    Ending the conversation and choosing to get back on the job will improve her disposition toward you.

    She’ll show you to your armor suit. Want to keep impressing her? Talk trash about the Homeless Mercenaries. Ask about the name, then comment how they don’t sound tough.

    I kept quiet for the next conversation tree, and Rook 25 didn’t react well. She sends Bishop to the medical officer to get checked out. Before leaving the room, grab the armor (Press [E]) to equip it.

    Now you’re free to explore the vessel. You can stop by the Virtual Trainer, then meet Knight 15 in the bridge to obtain something called the C.M.C.

    What’s that? Let’s take some time to explore the Zenlil before moving onto the next objectives. Press [O] to bring up your current primary and secondary objectives.

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