CONSORTIUM Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • User Agreement
  • Exploring Zenlil
  • Virtual Training
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Kiril Attacks
  • Boarding Party
  • Questioning the Crew
  • The Consortium Queen
  • Mission Preparations
  • Churchill Tower

  • Questioning the Crew

    Down in the medical bay, you’ll find one of the Mission Ops pawns getting fixed up from the mercenary attack. Respond with [F3] when he asks if the Bishop’s ever been shot for a +2 alignment boost.

    Remember, we’re looking to solve the murder and discover the traitor on board the Zenlil. Stick around while Pawn 1 gets fixed up. The first patient, Pawn 12, is up in Mission Ops while Pawn 1 won’t talk until tomorrow.

    Until then, speak with the two medical personnel. I asked them if they were both in the bay, but didn’t cast too much suspicion on them. Like the doc says, he would’ve found a much better way to kill than bludgeoning the guy – and I’m inclined to believe both of them.

    We have no suspects yet. In the hangar, you’ll find two pawns and Rook 25 working on sealing the breach. There’s no time to talk to them either, so we’ll need to check back on these three later.

    For an additional sub-objective, speak with Rook 25 about ship repairs. She’ll unlock the data-chip locker for Bishop, located near the brig. Grab a stack of 50 chips, and take the ladder up to the third deck.

    Crawl into the vents above the third deck and look for those big blue data processing bays. Interact with them to replace the data-chips. The smoking panel is what you want to fix.

    Get into the computer room at the end of the walkway and look for open panels. Place data-chips until the panel closes. There are about four or so broken sections here. Once they’re all fixed, the quest is complete.

    While you’re doing it, Rook 25 will call over the CMS and discuss the murder. She’ll reveal some important details about the church – that they believe in the healing powers of some drink, their new discoveries about the ancestors, and her disenfranchisement with the group. But, she doesn’t know who was with the victim.

    Go to the lounge to talk to two more Pawns. These two don’t seem to have anything to do with the murder, they were both cooped up on Deck 3. But, they suggest talking to the hangar bay staff next.

    It’s clear they’re innocent. On the way out, Kieran will call again to ask about Bishop’s status with the church. Probably a mistake, but I lied and told him I was a full member. Let’s see if that helps or hinders the investigation.

    Back in the hangar, find Pawn 4 on the third floor. He won’t talk until you try to speak with him four or five times, then he’ll finally relent.

    Talking to Pawn 32 on the mission pod, just be casual and she’ll answer some questions. Don’t accuse her of anything. But, Pawn 4 will quickly butt in and start making wild accusations. I chose to question his lie, and he runs off.

    In the previous conversation, he let slip something interesting. “Farewell My Lovely” doesn’t make sense, yet. Let’s try to find out what that is.

    Looking at the info console (or wikipedia) we can see that “Farewell, My Lovely” is a novel by Raymond Chandler. But, what does that even mean? The Consortium King appears to have a deep interest in the novel, but that doesn’t seem to have much relevance.

    To complete the sidequest, go to the bunks and open the locker marked Pawn 05.

    Continuing the investigation, I returned to Mission Operations. The lady pawn here wasn’t very cooperative, but did reveal something interesting about Pawn 4. He knows that the Bishop is investigating a murder, despite the order being given over the CMS. How did he hear?

    Moving on, I also had a chat with Pawn 12. He doesn’t reveal much, but stepping into the cockpit leads to a fruitful conversation. Chat it up with the captain, then try sitting in his chair. Don’t forget to click on the viewscreen to watch him and Knight 15 dancing.

    I agreed to keep the video between us, but when he mentioned a bug in the system, I suggested it might be a virus. I told him he was too close to the ship to realize it, and then offered to help. He actually responds well to the accusation, and asks you to show him five examples of malfunctioning systems.

    Back on task. I stopped by the hangar to discuss with the two welding pawns. The two point to Pawn 64 as your next suspect, and he’ll appear as they finish the discussion.

    Pawn 64 does seem suspicious. There’s something he’s hiding. On the mission to find the malfunctioning systems for Wade…

    Enter the cabin with the bearded man and you’ll get locked inside. Report that as the first instance. Go to your cabin to watch the bed freak out. That’s number 2. The flickering light in the bathroom on deck 3 is the third problem. One of the flashing screens in Mission Ops makes 4. The final bug appears in the bunks on the lower floors.

    Completing the quest will cause a meltdown on the vessel, with the systems going completely hay-wire.

    Go to the cockpit and enter lower avionics through the hatch. Crawling close to Wade, the interference will only get worse, you’ll need to pull out of the room for now.

    In avionics, switch on healing and repair, and run over to Wade’s body. Stick him with nanites with [E] and tell him to get back to the cockpit. Then run back up the ladder yourself to safety.

    Crisis averted. The captain is saved, and the ship is back in control. Sort of. The officers are now convinced there is a virus, but that should wrap up our investigation.

    It’s time to talk to the Consortium Queen in Global Ops.

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    2 Comments on CONSORTIUM Walkthrough


    On April 29, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    I can’t heal Wade when I am in the avionics. Do I have to look for those nanites ? Because when I press E, nothing happens. No green beam or light, nothing. How can I save him ? Is it a bug from the Master Edition ?

    I loaded several files : wheter I have already talked with the Queen before to get to Wade or not doesn’t change anything.

    I wonder if it is a bug only the Master Edition (that I have downloaded few hours ago) has.

    Thank you.


    On April 30, 2014 at 2:02 pm


    I encountered the exact same problem. Actually that’s how I found this site, by looking if more people had this problem.

    I tried it numerous times to heal him, nothing worked.

    What I did was, to jump “out” again, back into the pit. After that, Wade survived anyway. He lands in medbay anyway. I’m sure this costs me some points with the crew, but at least this way the game progresses.