CONSORTIUM Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • User Agreement
  • Exploring Zenlil
  • Virtual Training
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Kiril Attacks
  • Boarding Party
  • Questioning the Crew
  • The Consortium Queen
  • Mission Preparations
  • Churchill Tower

  • The Consortium Queen

    Meet the Consortium Queen by talking to Knight 15 in Global Ops. Be prepared before walking into a discussion – that means SAVE. She doesn’t like it when Bishops waste her time, so I’ll have to choose my words carefully.

    I’m not going to bother with pleasantries. Instead, I choose to be quick and to-the-point, which nets the Bishop +2 alignment. If you saved Pawn 1, that’s another +1, and changing the subject back to the reason for the call gets another +2. Not half bad so far.

    The Queen does have some interesting information. Tracking down the mercenaries base, the Consortium learned that Kiril only had one true target – you. Bishop 6 was their employer’s mark.

    So the question is “why” – choosing F2 options points toward the entire Consortium as the true target, while F3 is all about the Bishop. I confessed that I was probably the true target, and told them the real reason – I’m a traveler from another universe.

    The Queen doesn’t take kindly to that. Keep pushing it, and eventually the officers will dismiss Bishop – unless you got that brainscan at the beginning of the game.

    Tell them to call Kieran to confirm the strange brainscan to add some credence to the claim.

    Still, the Queen doesn’t seem happy with my admission and sends me away. Not a very fruitful discussion, but there’s still time to solve the mystery. Kiril will wake up in the morning. That gives us two options to finish the day – use the virtual trainer, or go to bed.

    Downstairs, Pawn 64 will desperately request some time with us. I don’t want to send him away, so I offer my cabin. He’s hiding something, and I want to get to the bottom of it.

    Stepping into the cabin first, I tell Pawn 64 to calm down. The captain, Wade, answers over the comm and lets me know that the conversation is being monitored. Not sure who to side with, I agree and tell Pawn 64 he can trust me while Wade listens over the CMC.

    Now, here’s some interesting info. Pawn 64 discovered secret messages passed from the medical bay to somewhere in Bulgaria. Wade thinks the logs could’ve been changed, but when 64 mentions something about Rook 9 (Wade) and his involvement, suddenly the atmospheric controls in the room shut off.

    Someone is trying to stop Pawn 64 from revealing the truth, and Wade was the only one listening. He’s also in control of the ship, and could’ve sabotaged it.

    I tell 64 to calm down before he runs out of breath. I don’t say anything to scare him, like that sharing my helmet will kill us both. In the end, he pulls through – thanks to Wade?

    Yep, the Captain lifts the lockdown. So, where does that leave us in the investigation?

    Knight 15 isn’t happy about any of this, and commands Bishop to stay away from the crew until they reach Ireland. Meanwhile, Alannah contacts you with a request; choose who you think is the traitor, and she’ll follow them around.

    This is a huge choice, and it’s our last chance to find who’s responsible. I saved here, and chose Rook 9. Wade has been very suspicious, even if he saved us. It might be the wrong choice, but I’ll keep looking until we find the true culprit.

    Meanwhile, Knight 15 wants to see the Bishop in her office. It’s the second door on the left on deck 2.

    She’ll offer you a seat, but this is when things get tough. She’ll go over every interaction we’ve had with the crew so far. Luckily, they have nothing bad to report about my conduct. If we had been far worse, this meeting could’ve been very different.

    Until, the doors lock again.

    The traitor reveals himself. It can’t be Wade – so who is it? Keep him talking. Ask questions, I refuse to bait him, instead I challenge him. I ask why he hides his voice, and why he’s so interested in peace if he killed Pawn 7.

    This guy is a religious nut, and he wants to kill Bishop before he can reach Churchill Tower in London. What does that mean? There’s no way to no yet, but it doesn’t look like we’re about to avoid a fight. Equip weapons and prepare for combat.

    The doors open on a slow delay. Retreat back to Mission Ops to find a recharge panel to keep yourself alive, and raid the weapon locker for more grenades – I’m trying to knock this guy out, which is no small feat. He’s covered in armor and shields.

    But, it’s all for nothing. The suit is empty. Someone was controlling it remotely, and Knight 15 is exasperated with the findings. She sends every to the bunks for the rest of the day. This mystery isn’t anywhere close to getting solved.

    Take the Fusion Battery Control Chip off the dead Bishop armor and place it in the open panel, in the crawlspace accessed from the deck 2 kitchen, or just below the fusion batteries.

    With the power back on, a new mission comes down the wire in the holo-room. King contacts the Bishop, and then things get weird.

    Let’s go over this fast – terrorists have taken over Churchill Tower, and King is sending the Zenlil to deal with it. King knows that Bishop 6 is a traveler, but we still don’t have anything concrete.

    Who is the traitor? Who was Kiril working for? It looks like we might need to play a second time to find out. Until then, let’s get briefed and go to London.

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    2 Comments on CONSORTIUM Walkthrough


    On April 29, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    I can’t heal Wade when I am in the avionics. Do I have to look for those nanites ? Because when I press E, nothing happens. No green beam or light, nothing. How can I save him ? Is it a bug from the Master Edition ?

    I loaded several files : wheter I have already talked with the Queen before to get to Wade or not doesn’t change anything.

    I wonder if it is a bug only the Master Edition (that I have downloaded few hours ago) has.

    Thank you.


    On April 30, 2014 at 2:02 pm


    I encountered the exact same problem. Actually that’s how I found this site, by looking if more people had this problem.

    I tried it numerous times to heal him, nothing worked.

    What I did was, to jump “out” again, back into the pit. After that, Wade survived anyway. He lands in medbay anyway. I’m sure this costs me some points with the crew, but at least this way the game progresses.