Crysis 3: Arrow to the Knee Achievement Guide [Easter Egg]

Now you too can end careers with arrows to knees in Crysis 3. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular Skyrim meme, just understand that the internet’s bottomless well of memetic humor knows no bounds. In a cute reference to the popular meme, shooting an enemy with the new Predator Bow in the knee will net you this achievement. But as you might find out, it’s much harder to wound than kill when you’re stuck inside a super-powered Nanosuit. Get our tips for unlocking the achievement below.

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Arrow to the Knee Achievement Guide

  • To complete this achievement, you need to wound a CELL operative by striking him in the knee with an arrow. Obviously, you’ll need the bow equipped, but actually accomplishing the challenge isn’t so easy.
  • Wait until you’ve got the bow, and encounter a group of unaware CELL troops.
  • With the bow equipped, use the Carbon Impact Tip ammunition. Also, use the lowest draw weight option — the center option in the menu. It gives you the fastest draw pull, and the least damage. Doing less damage will increase your chances.
  • Sneak up on a lone CELL soldier. While invisible, you should have no problem sneaking around them. Take your time to aim by zooming in, you’ll want to aim directly for the knee. Attack from the side for best results.
  • Do not hold down the trigger when drawing your bow. A full draw will instantly kill a CELL soldier at close range, even at the lowest pull strength option.
  • Wait for a soldier to stop their patrol, then strike. Tap the fire key or button very quickly so that you fire with the least draw on your bow. The weaker the better.
  • Be sure to target enemies at about medium-close range. The further an arrow flies, the less power it has. Using a combination of quick pulls and a medium distance, you’ll have a good chance at completing the challenge.
  • Usually CELL soldiers come in packs. Keep sneaking up behind them, aiming for the knee, and quickly tapping fire to shoot an arrow. It takes some luck, quick timing, and practice but eventually this achievement (or trophy) will unlock.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

Arrow to the Knee! (20 points / Bronze):
“Single Player: End an enemy’s career as a CELL operative by wounding him in the knee with an arrow!.

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1 Comment on Crysis 3: Arrow to the Knee Achievement Guide [Easter Egg]


On February 9, 2014 at 10:30 pm

There is also another way to unlock this achievement. I was playing the very
last level where you battle the Alpha Ceph. I shot an arrow at a Ceph and it hit
him in the knee accidentally. I then by accident (or glitch) unlocked the achievement