Crysis 3: CELL Intel Locations Guide

Find every Crysis 3 intel item with our locations guide. Here we’ll show you how to find every propaganda poster, datapad, and blackbox hidden throughout the levels. Getting them all will earn players an achievemnt (or trophy) and unlock lore on the events surrounding the evil CELL organization and the fate of the Big Apple. Study up on your history and get closer to 100% with this guide.

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CELL Intel Locations Guide

Mission: Post-Human

  • Blackbox #1: At the start of the mission, take the ramp down and scan near the containers left of the dead body.
  • Datapad #1: After breaching an interior space with allies, you’ll be able to sneak around and pick off CELL soldiers. Check out the room overlooking the area to find this pad on a terminal.
  • Datapad #2: Once you’ve acquired the Predator Bow, check on a console next to the steps leading to the lower floor.
  • Datapad #3: Entering the next combat zone with patrolling soldiers, you’ll continue on through a door the AI will open. Right inside, look for this pad on a console.
  • Datapad #4: Complete the first hack of the mission. The pad will be in the following room.
  • Datapad #5: While Psycho hacks a computer, scan the room to find another datapad nearby.
  • Datapad #6: Entering a large area with a reactor in the center, look for a smaller room on the right side. Don’t forget to use the Visor often to find the hidden item if you’re lost.
  • Datapad #7: Past the reactor, you’ll enter another room with the collectible on a desk inside.
  • Blackbox #1: Near the end of the mission, you’ll need to hack a sentry then continue through a door. The door opens to reveal dead soldiers, with the blackbox on the ground near one of the bodies.

Mission: Welcome to the Jungle

  • Datapad #1: After using the sniper rifle, check out a dead end up a hill to the right.
  • Datapad #2: Follow the CELL waypoint beacon to find a weapon pod. Near the pod, you can find a datapad.
  • Poster #1: Stepping out to view the Liberty Dome, you’ll be ordered to meet up with Psycho. Check out the pillars to find a poster. Use your Visor to scan the poster to collect this intel.
  • Blackbox #1: Entering the subway, you’ll need to take care of the enemies before jumping over a gap. After the jump, check out the next room for a blackbox on a dead soldier.
  • Blackbox #2: Leaving the subway and reaching a station, drop down a level to find a body on the ground floor with this intel.
  • Datapad #3: In the same area as the blackbox, you’ll need to enter a room in the center of the station. To reach it, you’ll need to discover smaller tunnels to crawl through leading inside.

Mission: The Root of All Evil

  • Datapad #1: Go to the tower on the left side of the dam’s top. You’ll need to hack the doors open, which lead to a hall with CELL crates and an intel item.
  • Poster #1: Complete all the objectives at the dam, and you’ll gain a new CELL optional waypoint. On the way to this waypoint, check for a building on your left and explore one level above the water.
  • Blackbox #1: Continue to head toward the optional waypoint down the water. The area will open up to your left — scan and search for a dead soldier with the intel.
  • Blackbox #2: Going toward the main objective, you’ll pass through a narrow cave that widens to reveal a larger river with a donut on the left and an optional path to your right. Explore toward the right to find this intel.
  • Blackbox #3: Complete the optional objectives to gain access to a CELL facility’s front entrance. Instead of entering the front doors, check the left side of the building for pipes. Sneak through to discover a box.
  • Datapad #2: Taking the elevator down to the lower levels of the facility, bathed in orange, use your Visor to scan the catwalks. You should spot two nearby intel items. One is to the left.
  • Datapad #3: The second intel item in the room above. This one is to the right.
  • Datapad #4: Inside the top floor of the facility, just as you exit the elevator turn left to spot this intel under the stairs.

Mission: Safeties Off

  • Datapad #1: Play the mission normally until you’re given an optional objective waypoint. Check out the crashed helo to find the first three pieces of intel.
  • Datapad #2: Located near the crashed chopper mentioned above.
  • Datapad #3: The third intel found at the secondary objective.
  • Datapad #4: Even more collectibles can be found nearby. Four datapads are located on a table on the second story building roof. Use your scanner to find them and climb up to collect.
  • Datapad #5: Another of the collectibles on the two-story building.
  • Datapad #6: The last of the collectibles that counts toward your goal. Collect all four to be sure.
  • Poster #1: Continue to your main objective until passing under an arch with a building to the right. Scan the building to discover a poster one story up.
  • Datapad #7: Up the stairs and through the building, you’ll reach an objective marker on a zipline. Before zipping down, check out the open door to the left of the objective. Inside you’ll find a datapad and an upgrade kit.
  • Blackbox #1: Use the zipline. After the cutscene, check out the dead soldier ahead sitting near a black box.
  • Datapad #8: On the massive Ceph structure, look for a building that’s connected to the platform by a billboard bridge. Explore the building to find a pad on a desk.
  • Datapad #9: Continuing on, you’ll eventually find a CELL drop pod with a building to your left. Explore the structure to find a piece of intel.
  • Blackbox #2: Another intel piece is nearby. Turn around and scan the streets to find this box.
  • Blackbox #3: At the center of the Cell lab exterior, you can find this intel near a dead body.
  • Blackbox #4: The last three intel items can all be found after entering a new facility by elevator with Psycho. Scan the room with your visor to find all three. The first is dead ahead.
  • Datapad #10: In the same room as the black box, grab this datapad before taking the stairs down with Psycho.
  • Datapad #11: The last intel item of the level is inside a room just as you reach the base of another stairwell.

Mission: Red Star Rising

  • Datapad #1: Use the huge metal tube bridges to cross the rooftops. The first pad is at the weapon cache past the second metal bridge.
  • Blackbox #1: This one is tricky. After interacting with the Ceph and fighting an enemy group, you’ll get another objective to cross a large area. Move to the right side of the path and keep your Visor up to spot a dead soldier as you move to the objective.
  • Datapad #2: Continue to play until reaching a massive tower ahead. Instead of going to the tower, look for a building to the left and scan it to find intel on the second floor.
  • Poster #1: Check the same building as the previous intel item to find this poster hidden in an alcove.
  • Datapad #3: Reaching the convoy with the distress call from Claire, you can find this intel next to the crate behind the buggy.
  • Blackbox #2: After leaving through a doorway and triggering a cutscene with a VTOL flying overhead, jump down the rocky cliffs until reaching a buggy. The box is just behind the car.
  • Blackbox #3: Continuing on, you’ll eventually be stopped by a huge gated fortification. Check the landing to the left of the gate to find a dead soldier with a black box.
  • Datapad #3: On the same landing you can find data on some crates behind several shipping containers.
  • Datapad #4: Up the ramp while heading to the Control Room, instead of going towards the tower, follow the road leading left. Use the catwalk to get over the pipes and turn right down the catwalk steps to find this pad inside a container.

Mission: Only Human

  • Poster #1: After ziplining and eventually reaching a roof with an aerial defense turret, climb up two levels of rubble to find the poster on a wall.
  • Datapad #1: Reaching a large open area where you’ll have two primary objectives, look for a small island with a crashed helicopter billowing smoke while heading toward both waypoints.
  • Blackbox #1: Looking toward the two waypoints from the crash site, look to the right objective and head toward it. On the way, you’ll find a crashed VTOL. Check it out to find a rocket and a box.
  • Datapad #2: On the way to the optional objective where you’ll need to disarm mines, check out the back end of the area to find a pad.
  • Datapad #3: Near the mortar team on the optional objective.
  • Datapad #4: Head downhill and left from the previous collective to spot the Statue of Liberty’s head. Check inside the head to find intel.
  • Blackbox #2: At the objective Bravo, use the visor and look down to find this box one story below.
  • Datapad #5: After crash-landing into an area full of enemies, explore the far left corner of the zone to find a cache of ammo with the intel.

Mission: Gods and Monsters

  • Blackbox #1: Found directly ahead of the mission’s starting point.
  • Poster #1: Just ahead of the previous collectible, on the ground.
  • Datapad #1: Look up from the poster to find another easy collectible.
  • Blackbox #2: Continue through the level until you pass by a ruined subway train. Check inside to find this box.
  • Blackbox #3: On the main path from the subway, keep your visor on and you’ll find this blackbox. It’s hard to miss.
  • Datapad #2: Finally reaching Ceph technology in the deep caverns, you’ll eventually reach a cavern path with a supply of CELL caches and ammo. Scan to find the datapad nearby.
  • Blackbox #4: Continuing through the level, you’ll find need to walk along the cavern ledge and jump down to a cache of Predator Bows with a blackbox.
  • Datapad #3: Move forward until reaching a larger area with dead trees and a flying vehicle buzzing by overhead. Turn right as you exit the narrow path and jump down past a ruined husk of a car on a ledge. Just below the car is the find intel item.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Breaking the Lore (10 points):
    Single Player: Retrieve all CELL Intel.

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