Crysis 3: Nanosuit Upgrade Kit Locations Guide

Upgrade the Nanosuit to its full potential with our Crysis 3 kit locations guide. Here, we’ll break down each mission and tell you where to look for these precious items. The only way to improve the Nanosuit is with these items, which earn players a point to spend in the customization menu. Four upgrades can be equipped at any time, but if you’re using the instructions below, you’ll be able to afford plenty more. Give yourself even more options and find every upgrade kit.

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Nanosuit Upgrade Kit Locations Guide

Tip: Scan with your Visor often to mark nearby upgrade kits.

Mission: Welcome to the Jungle

  • Nanosuit Kit 1-4: On your way out of the facility, during a Nanosuit malfunction, Psycho will point out an upgrade kit. This set of upgrades cannot be missed.
  • Nanosuit Kit 5: Further ahead through the jungle, you’ll gain an optional objective tasking the player with hacking a CELL pod. Hack the pod open past the ruined highway.
  • Nanosuit Kit 6: Later in the mission, while exploring a condemned train station an objective marker will appear over a zipline. Use the zipline, then turn right and explore the train car to find this kit.

Mission: The Root of all Evil

  • Nanosuit Kit 7: Early in the mission, while moving toward a large ruined dam, there’s a bunker left with alarm lights visible. Right through the open doors is a CELL pod. Hack it to find this kit.
  • Nanosuit Kit 8: Inside the northernmost tower of the Dam, the kit can be found inside a generator room behind a series of terminals.
  • Nanosuit Kit 9: After leaving the dam behind, you’ll get an optional waypoint leading to a crashed helicopter. Check it out to find a kit in the wreckage.
  • Nanosuit Kit 10: Past the previous module, deal with another CELL squad and look for an underwater cave path just beyond. Inside the cave is an optional path to the right with more items, and a kit.
  • Nanosuit Kit 11: Behind the massive dome-shaped facility, there’s a pool of water with the kit hidden below the surface.
  • Nanosuit Kit 12: Look for a blue building on the catwalks around the very center of the CELL facility.

Mission: Safeties Off

  • Nanosuit Kit 13: Through the Chinese market at the beginning of the level, you’ll pass near a CELL resupply cache on the second level of a ruined building. Check out inside, the kit is on a counter nearby.
  • Nanosuit Kit 14: Up a flight of stairs, you’ll find a zipline marked as your primary objective. Ignore it for now and explore the open doorway to the left. There’s an upgrade kit on a table inside.
  • Nanosuit Kit 15: Inside the cell lab facility, look for a small blue supply shack attached to the center ring of catwalks.
  • Nanosuit Kit 16: Going down the steps to meet Psycho at the bottom floor of the lab, you’ll pass right by a room to your right with the kit hanging on a wall, just after exiting the stairwell.

Mission: Red Star Rising

  • Nanosuit Kit 17: Just right of a huge tube that serves as a bridge across the rooftops, jump up to the roof on the right and drop through the ceiling to find a hidden kit.
  • Nanosuit Kit 18: Out in the open, search behind a building before reaching your Ceph objective to find this kit in a small clearing.
  • Nanosuit Kit 19: Reaching a collection of destroyed vehicles, look near one of the wrecked APCs to find the kit. This comes right after Claire’s distress call.
  • Nanosuit Kit 20: Later in the mission, you’ll have an optional objective to destroy the Command Center defense system. Look under the catwalks at the base to find this kit.

Mission: Only Human

  • Nanosuit Kit 21: An easy to find kit can be found at a CELL ammo cache just beyond your first objective.
  • Nanosuit Kit 22: On the way upward to destroy the second Ceph aerial defenses, scan often to locate an upgrade kit and ammo cache.
  • Nanosuit Kit 23: Complete the first secondary objective to find an upgrade kit inside a nearby cave.
  • Nanosuit Kit 24: The last kit for the level is found inside a crashed VTOL, set as your second optional objective.

Mission: Gods and Monsters

  • Nanosuit Kit 25: Entering the Ceph-controlled sections of the underground, you’ll pass through a narrow corridor with a small alcove above and a CELL ammo box on the ledge. Scan and check the ledge to find the last kit.

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2 Comments on Crysis 3: Nanosuit Upgrade Kit Locations Guide


On November 21, 2013 at 4:52 am

Readers beware! This guide is not complete! Do not use it trying to find all the kits like I did. It takes 28 Points to unlock all Perks. I got confused when I found 2 kits not listed here, unfortunately I didn’t just stumble upon the 4rd one missing. So following this guide has me playing though the game again to find all the kits.


On September 4, 2014 at 8:56 am

There are THREE missing locations from this guide. Two of which you will run into if you use the visor to scan during the safeties off mission. The last missing location is in the red star rising mission, after scanning the propaganda poster in the building where the CELL snipers are, you go out a door behind the building, take a path-hack a turret and it is in a pile behind there. You can use mission select if you have already gone past this point. If trying to get the trophy, use mission select on RECRUIT difficulty once you have beaten the game to get the missing locations and to do the requirements for the perks. With questions: PSN: port3672