Crysis 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Post-Human
  • Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle
  • Mission 3: Root of all Evil
  • Mission 4: Safeties Off
  • Mission 5: Red Star Rising
  • Mission 6: Only Human
  • Mission 7: Gods and Monsters
  • Post-Human

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    1. Follow your team through the facility until you reach a door that Psycho must hack to open, then enter the next room and open the weapons menu to equip a silencer.
    2. Activate Cloak Mode to enter the next room ahead unseen and sneak up behind the enemy on the left to kill him silently, then pick up his weapon to add it to your inventory and follow the on-screen instructions to use Nanovision.
    3. Exit the room through the doorway in the corner to descend the set of steps and turn left at the bottom to locate the indicated targets in the area below, then proceed forward past the top of the next staircase to approach the closest enemy patrolling against the opposite wall.
    4. Take out the guard with your silenced pistol and turn around to look down on the enemy in the area below again, then use careful aiming to eliminate him with quick head shots and make your way back to the previous body.
    5. Follow the walkway around the corner to move through the open door at the end and slowly climb the stairs on the other side, then take out the guard at the top and collect the data on the console to your right.
    6. Exit the room to descend another staircase and open the next door at the bottom to find Psycho, then wait for him to join you and move down the steps he reveals in the corner.
    7. Move through the two doorways at the bottom of the steps and enter the next corridor ahead to activate a cut scene in which you acquire a bow, then continue following Psycho to reach the floor below and equip the arrow of your choice.
    8. Unlock the next door ahead and activate nanovision to mark the location of the guards on the other end, then proceed slowly towards the right side of the room and eliminate the first guard you encounter standing in front of the railing.
    9. Quickly return to psycho’s location and eliminate any guards firing on his position, then move across the walkways on your right to pick off the enemies on the levels above and below you.
    10. Continue towards the onscreen objective indicator to eliminate the surrounding guards with your bow and ascend the series of steps in the corner to exit the room through the doorway at the top.
    11. Cross through the next hallway to collect the data from the console on the right and enter the room at the end to become temporarily locked inside, then wait for Psycho to open the door ahead and exit the room to descend the catwalk on the other side.
    12. Use your visor to hack the targets through the windows of the next building below by locking onto the wave sections that bounce into the indicated shapes.
    13. Move through the next door that opens ahead and follow Psycho to reach the supply room, then refill on ammunition and collect data from the monitor in front of you.
    14. Open the Database Item to unlock the video recording and wait for Psycho to open the next door ahead, then exit the room to turn left and use nano vision to mark the enemies occupying the structure across from you in the distance.
    15. Move forward past the ladder that Psycho climbs and continue using nano vision to target the squadron of enemies in the distance, then proceed forward across the metal catwalks to reach the closest guard against the far wall and eliminate him with your bow.
    16. Cross the bridge on your right that the previous guard was patrolling and eliminate another enemy at the opposite end, then climb the next staircase on the right and turn left at the top to take cover behind the cluster of crates in front of you.
    17. Eliminate the enemies ahead to continue moving forward and look down over the yellow railing across from you to take out the remaining guards below, then descend the steps on your right and approach the door marked with the objective indicator at the bottom.
    18. Hack the door’s lock to move forward through it and enter the next corridor ahead to descend the steps at the end, then make your way into the circular tunnel that opens on the left and allow the green-lit scanner to pass over you on the other side.
    19. Enter the room that opens ahead and search it for supplies or new weaponry, then exit through the door on the right and move down the enclosed hallway beside you to silently eliminate the guard around the next corner by sneaking up on him.
    20. Look towards the landing in the distance across from you to the left and pick off another guard patrolling the area, then make your way over to his body and descend the next ramp to reach the ground below.
    21. Activate nanovision to mark the guards in the area ahead and cross to the opposite side of the room to pick off the ones patrolling the catwalks above, then turn right to continue eliminating enemies and climb the staircase in the next corner to take out the hostiles at the top.
    22. Climb the second set of steps ahead and take cover behind the railing beside you to finish clearing the area of threats, then enter the adjacent to follow it around the next corner and make your first available right turn to reach the room guarded by automated guns.
    23. Sprint across the room to avoid the automated turrets and enter the corridor on the other side to follow it into the next open area on the right, then sneak up behind the guard in front of you to eliminate him silently and return to the previous hallway.
    24. Continue moving to the left through the enclosed hallway and eliminate the next enemy outside on your right, then collect supplies in the room at the end of the corridor and turn back around.
    25. Exit the corridor through the first doorway on the left and use your bow or sniper rifle to eliminate the guards on the catwalks in the distance across from you, then heads towards the current objective marker to reach the opposite side of this area and take out the enemies patrolling by the red-lit alarms.
    26. Finish clearing the catwalks to enter the next enclosed corridor on your left and pass through it quickly to reach the computer room at the end, then continue moving in the direction of the current objective marker to open the indicated door and take cover to eliminate the guards waiting on the other side.
    27. Lock onto the automated turret in the next room ahead and hack into it to deactivate the gun, then approach the door on the right to hack into it as well and enter the area that opens in front of you to join back up with Psycho.
    28. Collect data from the nearby corpse and follow Psycho across the next bridge to move through the door he opens on the other side, then enter the circular chamber in front of you and wait for the next cut scene to activate to complete this mission.

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    On September 9, 2013 at 3:10 am

    i play this level but i can’t find the weapon, i just find the aliens sniper but there’s no ammo in there.. any info or help please