Crysis 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Post-Human
  • Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle
  • Mission 3: Root of all Evil
  • Mission 4: Safeties Off
  • Mission 5: Red Star Rising
  • Mission 6: Only Human
  • Mission 7: Gods and Monsters
  • Welcome to the Jungle

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    1. Follow Psycho out of the room to locate the Nano Upgrade kits in the room below and integrate them with your suit, then exit through the door that opens beside you and follow the next corridor to eventually step outside into the jungle.
    2. Continue following Psycho across the jungle floor below to reach the minefield ahead on the right and use nanovision to disable the explosives hidden in the ground, then proceed forward through the booby-trapped gas station and experience an energy surge on the other side.
    3. Proceed towards the current objective marker to approach the barred metal door and press the indicated button to punch it open, then climb the stairs in front of you to continue moving forward at the top and activate the next cut scene.
    4. Afterwards, exit the hut you’ve jumped down into and cross the grassy field to approach the closest current objective marker ahead on the right.
    5. Each time you pass through a sunny spot in the field, activate cloak mode to continue moving unseen and hide in the shadows of surrounding cover objects until the suits energy levels have recharged.
    6. Pass through the train yard ahead, by using the inside of the broken down cars as cover, and approach the closest current objective marker to find the red crates surrounded by a ring of grey CELL containers.
    7. Search unsuccessfully for a new weapon amongst the red crates, then quickly take cover behind the nearest train engine to avoid being seen and continue towards the next closest objective marker ahead.
    8. Approach the last blue marker on your map to drop into the next area below and experience another energy surge, then collect the indicated weapon to equip the Ceph bolt sniper rifle and zoom in with it on the tower above.
    9. Locate the automatic turrets just beneath the tower’s nest, by zooming in on them with your sniper rifle, and destroy the weapons with a quick burst of gunfire.
    10. Press the indicated button to activate Armor Mode and finish picking off the turrets to destroy the enter central tower, then turn around to approach the next mine field on your left and hack the explosives to disable them.
    11. Proceed forward through the deactivated minefield to resupply your ammo on the other side and move past the rusted train car ahead, then continue towards the current objective marker in the distance and climb up onto next rock ledge above.
    12. Mark the squadron of enemies in the area ahead and on either side of your position, then zoom in on the closest pair of guards in the pond below and fire an electrified round into the water at their feet to shock them to death.
    13. Zoom in on the enemy to your left and electrify the water around him as well, then use the sniper rifle to pick off the guard hiding behind the rusted train car above in the distance and on the ground beneath it.
    14. Use explosive arrow rounds to finish clearing the area below and move forward across the pond to collect supplies from the crate on the other side, then proceed in the direction of the current objective marker and activate cloak mode to hide from the enemy reinforcements.
    15. Approach the next objective marker to reach the warehouse on the ridge above and move along the right side of it to continue traveling forward beneath the rusted bridge ahead, then pass through the first open doorway you see on the left and join back up with Psycho inside.
    16. Drop through the open shaft in the floor to land in the sewer tunnels below and climb onto the catwalk above to enter the next pipeline on your right.
    17. Follow Psycho through the sewer tunnels to reach the open area on the other side guarded by several enemy soldiers, then equip the bow or add a silencer to your weapon and approach the hostiles by moving forward along the left wall.
    18. Mark the surrounding enemies to keep an eye on their locations at all times and continue moving forward across the area ahead, then activate cloak mode to avoid detection and hack the auto-turret to disable it.
    19. Zoom in on each of the surrounding enemies at ground level and stabilize your weapon to pick them off one-by-one, then take out the guards on the rusted bridge above and proceed towards the current objective marker in the distance ahead.
    20. Retreat from the grenades thrown onto the ground around you, as indicated by the flashing red on-screen symbols, and collect ammo from the crates on the ledge above to your right.
    21. Climb the next staircase in the corner to eliminate the closest guard at the top and move left across the bridge to approach the next squadron of hostiles below, then take cover behind one of the nearby barricades and clear the area ahead to proceed forward.
    22. Hold the indicated button to jump across the gap ahead and join up with Psycho on the other side, then follow him to the mysterious corpse and collect the nearby data off the ground.
    23. Vault over the barricade ahead to continue moving forward across the room and visit the next stack of red crates nearby to refill on ammo, then enter the corridor in the back left corner of the area and open the door at the end to activate a short cut scene.
    24. Afterwards, equip explosive arrow rounds to your bow and drop through the gap in the railing on the right to reach the ground below.
    25. Activate cloak mode and move silently forward in the direction of the current objective marker, then turn left as you go to spot any approaching creatures and fend them off with a frag-arrow blast or a well-placed grenade toss.
    26. Move through the indicated door ahead to enter another sewer tunnel and proceed forward to resupply your arrows in the first room on the right, then turn around to deactivate the next minefield and proceed forward past it to reach a dumpster barricade.
    27. Press the indicated button to kick the dumpster barricade apart and head left down the sewer tunnel to refill on ammunition, then turn around to move through the next passageway behind you and make the last available left to jump over a pair of claymore laser beams.
    28. Open the next door ahead to climb the stairs on the other side and turn left in the room at the top, then mark the locations of the guards in the surrounding area and use cloak mode to step onto the ledge outside without being seen.
    29. Drop to the ground below and move forward along the right-side wall of this area, then hide behind the columns beside you each time cloak mode needs to recharge and climb the next staircase at the opposite end of the room.
    30. Make your way up the right-side set of steps to move around the catwalk at the top and pass through the door in the corner to enter the next room, then silently take out the enemy ahead and refill on ammunition.
    31. Enter the next room to pass through the second doorway on the left and hack the auto-turret beside you, then proceed forward across the catwalk against the right-side wall and eliminate the enemies standing in your path.
    32. Jump onto the metal panel at the end of the walkway to reach the bridge above and sprint to the left across it to evade the auto-turret, then drop down onto the next landing below to the right and use the zipline ahead to exit this area.
    33. Disengage from the zipline to land in the next area ahead and enter the room beside you to refill on ammo, then move through the two doorways in the corner to return to the jungle outside and drop into the grassy field below.
    34. Put your back against the nearest wall and use explosive or electrified rounds to eliminate the ambushing wave of xenomorphs, then proceed forward across the grassy field to wade through the pond ahead and continue picking off enemies on the other side.
    35. Sprint forward between the rusted train shells to cross the field ahead and continue moving through the tall grass until you join back up with Psycho against the far wall, then mount the nearby AGL and use it to destroy down the approaching horde of xenomorphs.
    36. Activate armor mode and squeeze off quick single shots in front of the charging creatures to take them out before they can reach you, then eliminate the closest xenomorphs first and increase your rate of fire as their numbers start to grow.
    37. Successfully fend off the swarm of xenomorphs to disengage from the AGL and follow Psycho by sprinting through the grassy field to reach the train tracks in the area below.
    38. Follow Psycho up the inclined set of tracks and ignore the xenomorphs that run across your path to continue in the direction of the giant smoke cloud, then move around behind the train car at the end and press the indicated button to push it forward.
    39. Equip an automatic rifle and point it over the right side of the train to mow down the line of xenomorphs below, then aim your weapon forward and zoom in to take the next wave of enemies ahead.
    40. Open fire on the moving shadows inside the tunnel to continue defending yourself from ambushing xenomorphs and pass by the next helicopter on the left to activate a cut scene, then follow Psycho through the darkened cavern to complete this mission.

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    On September 9, 2013 at 3:10 am

    i play this level but i can’t find the weapon, i just find the aliens sniper but there’s no ammo in there.. any info or help please