Crysis 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Post-Human
  • Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle
  • Mission 3: Root of all Evil
  • Mission 4: Safeties Off
  • Mission 5: Red Star Rising
  • Mission 6: Only Human
  • Mission 7: Gods and Monsters
  • Root of all Evil

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    1. Follow Psycho down the corridor ahead and out onto a ledge that overlooks the jungle, then lay beside him in the shadows to avoid being seen and wait for the choppers to pass by.
    2. Drop to the floor below on your right and continue following Psycho to climb onto the next ledge around the corner, then crawl through the opening in front of you and proceed forward on the other side to activate a cut scene.
    3. Afterwards, move through the opening in the corner ahead to enter the building and proceed down the hall to reach the next room at the end.
    4. Collect supplies from the surrounding area and wait Psycho to open the next door ahead, then crouch down beside him and drop onto the elevator below to ride the car to the bottom of the shaft.
    5. Swim out of the elevator shaft and onto dry land, then turn right to exit the building through the opening in the corner and mark the locations of the enemy soldiers that arrive below.
    6. Proceed forward onto the rocky ledge in front of you and keep an eye on the hostile gathered below to your left, then zoom in on their location with the bow and fire a series of explosive arrow rounds at the feet of these enemy forces to start clearing them out.
    7. Activate armor mode and stabilize your weapon to eliminate the enemies below as efficiently as possible without taking much damage, then retreat from any thrown grenades and use the lip of overhanging the ledge you’re on as cover while reloading.
    8. Look out towards the larger body of water on your right and zoom in with the sniper rifle to eliminate any additional hostile reinforcements, then head left to drop down onto the next ledge below and continue clearing the jungle area beneath you.
    9. Continue moving left along the ledge to zoom in on the narrow river ahead and mark the locations of the approaching enemy soldiers to start picking them off, then drop all the way to the ground below and enter the cave on your right to clear it of all remaining hostiles.
    10. Move forward past the waterfall to continue eliminating hostiles in your path and mark the locations of the next enemy squadron ahead in the distance, then move along the right-side wall of the clearing to approach the open doorway in the dam and hack the auto-turret guarding the entrance to disable it.
    11. Climb the stairs leading up into the dam’s entrance and eliminate the enemies waiting at the top, then move forward into the structure and take cover behind the first wall on the right to evade the auto-turret that emerges from the floor in front of you.
    12. Activate cloak mode to walk out in front of the auto-turret and disable it to proceed through the next set of doors ahead, then use the control panel to ride the elevator to the floor above and wait for the car to be shut down halfway up the shaft.
    13. Exit the stalled elevator car via the duct in the ceiling and turn around to wait for the doors below to open, then drop back through the vent to eliminate the surrounding enemies with an explosive arrow round and move out into the next corridor ahead.
    14. Move into the room on the right and use a silenced weapon to eliminate the soldier outside the window, then search the area for supplies and hack the console to the left of the open doorway.
    15. Return to the previous corridor and remove the outside panel from the orange container to collect the weapons inside, then head through the open doorway to return to the outside and approach the stairs on your right.
    16. Take cover behind the railing at the top of the steps to pick off the enemy on the helipad above to the right and the hostile forces in the trench below to your left.
    17. Mark the next squadron of enemies ahead in the distance and descend the steps beside you to proceed forward at the bottom, then use the surrounding barriers as cover to eliminate the hostiles blocking your path.
    18. Turn left into the nook across from the next set of steps ahead on the right and activate cloak mode to hide from any approaching enemies, then pick the soldiers off as they run by your line of sight.
    19. Climb the stairs across from you to move around the right side of the building at the top and hack the console beside the first open doorway on ahead, then enter the structure to turn left inside and activate cloak mode eliminate any approaching enemies.
    20. Descend the next series staircases in the room below to approach the current objective marker at the bottom and hack the module across from it to re-program CELL’s anti-air battery, then use the indicated panel at the center of the area to activate a short action sequence.
    21. Afterwards, search the corner on your right to collect any additional supplies and pick up the JAW rocket launcher.
    22. Look up towards the ceiling to mark the locations of each soldier in the enemy squadron above, then exit the room via the previous stairwell to eliminate any hostiles at the top and climb the last set of steps slowly to safely clear the room at the end.
    23. Move through the open doorway on the right to descend the staircase at the front of the building and use armor mode with scoped weaponry to eliminate the initial group of enemies in the trench below, then proceed towards the current objective marker and take cover behind the surrounding barriers to disable next auto-turret by hacking into it.
    24. Continue forward through the trench to climb the second set of available steps ahead and move around the right side of the building to hack the console in the back corner, then enter the structure to turn left inside and collect any additional weaponry or data from the room.
    25. Descend the next series of staircases in the room below to approach the current objective marker at the bottom and collect the video across from it, then search the surrounding corners for new weaponry or other supplies and use the indicated console at the center of this area to shut down the North Hydro-Electric Generator.
    26. Exit the room via the previous series of staircases and return to the outside through the last open doorway above on the right, then use cloak mode to descend the steps in front of the building and eliminate the enemies in the trench below.
    27. Continue in the direction of the current objective marker to eliminate the remaining enemies from behind various cover points or by employing cloak mode, then descend the first staircase on your left to turn around at the bottom and move through the opening beneath the dam.
    28. Plant explosives on the indicated wall to activate a cut scene, then move forward through the waterway ahead on the right and navigate between the rock formations to continue in the direction of the current objective marker on your map.
    29. Mark the location of each hostile ahead in the distance and enter the indicated cave on your left to collect data from the chopper crash, then return to the previous waterway and use cloak mode with the surrounding cover to start eliminating the enemy soldiers as silently as possible.
    30. Clear out the enemies guarding the river banks and the ledges above to proceed safely towards the next objective marker in the distance ahead, then continue following the waterway through the next tunnel to your right and swim beneath the surface to reach the caves on the other side.
    31. Continue through the tunnel ahead to proceed in the direction of the current objective marker and follow the waterway into the next cave on your right, then enter the sewer pipe at the end and travel down it to return to the jungle outside.
    32. Mark the enemy locations in the next building ahead and activate cloak mode, then equip your bow to look down from the ledges surrounding the indicated structure and pick off the guards patrolling the outer walls below.
    33. Head left towards the opposite corner of the building and hack the auto-turret on the ledge above to disable it, then finish clearing the outer wall patrols and descend from the cliffs to approach the base’ indicated front entrance.
    34. Press the indicated button to transmit the security gate access code you retrieved from the chopper crash and enter the base via the ramp that extends from above, then make an immediate left across the next enclosed walkway and activate cloak mode to stay hidden.
    35. Drop down over the corner of the railing ahead and into the area below to collect supplies from the nearby orange containers, then proceed towards the current objective marker by moving between cover points and using silenced weapons to eliminate the guards closest to you.
    36. Stay on the upper levels of the walkway ahead to maintain an advantageous position, while clearing enemies from the surrounding area, then continue moving forward to the opposite end of the base and mark the hostile reinforcements’ locations from behind cover to avoid being ambushed.
    37. Stay on the move under cloak mode and use explosive rounds or a scoped rifle to fight your way towards the current objective marker, then toss a grenade or fire the JAW to eliminate any mechanized drone that rolls itself towards you.
    38. Enter the indicated elevator to ride it into the area below and experience a power surge, then exit the car to navigate the leftmost walkway around the corner and collect the data as you go.
    39. Turn right at the end of the walkway to activate the Maintenance Crane and hack the module directly across from it to implement the codes, then continue towards the current objective marker above in the corner and restore pressure to the regulation assembly.
    40. Return to the broken section of railing beside the previous maintenance crane and drop into the water below, then swim towards the opposite side of the room and climb on top of the pipes in the corner.
    41. Jump onto the walkway above to approach the next objective marker on your right and restore pressure to the regulation assembly again, then sprint forward across the previous catwalk to dodge the turret fire and drop off the opposite end to land back in the water below.
    42. Swim beneath the surface in the direction of the current objective marker and climb up onto the system of walkways around it, then enter the indicated elevator to ride to the level above and exit the car to eliminate the enemies on your right.
    43. Finish clearing the immediate area of enemies and collect data wherever possible, then climb the next staircase to approach the monitors at the top and hold the indicated button down to complete this mission.

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    On September 9, 2013 at 3:10 am

    i play this level but i can’t find the weapon, i just find the aliens sniper but there’s no ammo in there.. any info or help please