Crysis 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Post-Human
  • Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle
  • Mission 3: Root of all Evil
  • Mission 4: Safeties Off
  • Mission 5: Red Star Rising
  • Mission 6: Only Human
  • Mission 7: Gods and Monsters
  • Safeties Off

    Part 1:

    1. Mark the locations of the enemies in the surrounding squadron and activate cloak mode to head east in the direction of these hostiles, then stay crouched down amongst the grass to move stealthy through the water and remain unseen for as long as possible.
    2. Approach the next minefield ahead to hack and disable the explosives blocking your path, then approach the closest group of enemies to the east and use cloak mode to eliminate them silently from behind.
    3. Navigate around the spotlights to continue avoiding detection and proceed in the direction of the current objective marker to disable any auto-turrets ahead, then enter the indicated building to move through the corridors inside and climb the next staircase on the right to eliminate the enemies at the top.
    4. Turn left to locate the indicated room filled with enemies and pick them off one-by-one with a scoped rifle, then search the surrounding area for supplies and use the zip-line in the corner to reach the next building across the gap.
    5. Move left through the building to drop to the lowermost floor below and approach the current objective marker to climb the stairs in the corner ahead, then continue towards the blue indicator on your map to reach the next closed door and kick it open to activate a short action sequence.
    6. Afterwards, search the immediate area for supplies and drop over the ledge on your right to land on the ground below.
    7. Mark the enemies’ locations in the surrounding area and use cloak mode to slip past these hostiles or eliminate them with a scoped-rifle, then head in the direction of the current objective marker and hack into the auto-turrets along the way to disable them.
    8. Use your visor to locate new supplies and enemies, then continue moving between the surrounding ruins and patches of tall grass as cover to successfully fight your way over to the next objective marker in the east.
    9. Approach the electrical reaction happening in the distance and eliminate the enemies patrolling the area, then continue in the direction of the current objective marker to experience another energy surge and jump to the second floor of the indicated building in the corner.
    10. After experiencing another energy surge near the Ceph Mindcarrier, make your way around the second floor area to collect data or supplies and drop back into the water below.
    11. Head west in the direction of the current objective marker to encounter a wall of fire and wait for it to recede before continuing forward, then sprint across the next clearing to watch the tower above explode and collect supplies from the building ahead on the left.
    12. Drop back into the jungle below to continue towards the current objective marker and approach the front doors of the indicated building ahead to activate a short action sequence in which you encounter the Ceph Scorcher.
    13. Afterwards, equip an automatic weapon to shoot the exposed side of the scorcher’s head and drop it to the ground.
    14. Move around to the front of the fallen scorcher and back up to zoom in on the cep’s head with one of your scoped rifles, then wait for the enemy to rear up on its hind legs and shoot the red dot inside its mouth.
    15. Continue backing away from the enemy to use one of the ruins behind you as cover and draw the scorcher over to your location, then move around behind the approaching enemy and continue opening fire on its exposed head.
    16. Target the scorcher’s head and the dot inside its mouth until red smoke starts billowing out the top, then move around beside the enemy and finish destroying this hostile with your shotgun.
    17. Jump onto the ledge to the left of the building’s entrance and collect whatever supplies you need, then continue moving in the direction of the current objective marker to pass through the structure below and enter the next corridor ahead on the right.
    18. Navigate through the next series of rooms to reach a hole in the wall that leads to the outside and mark the locations of hostiles in the area ahead, then drop to the ground below and activate cloak mode to move towards your right without being seen.
    19. Hide amongst the surrounding tree roots and turn around to target the closest approaching scorcher ceph, then hack into this enemy’s system and cause it to self-destruct.
    20. Eliminate the surrounding wave of scorchers by hacking into them and proceed west towards the current objective marker, then climb the next ramp in the corner to enter the building above and head through the series on rooms on your right to reach the hole in the brick wall at the end.
    21. Drop back into the jungle below and follow the waterway on your left towards the current objective marker, then hack any drones flying above and activate cloak mode to continue forward unseen.
    22. Move through the buildings on the right to use the walls as cover and use silent kills or an automatic rifle to eliminate the cephs patrolling inside, then approach the next objective marker to flip the indicated switch and climb the steps that descend beside you to make a left at the top.
    23. Follow the walkway around to cross the next bridge on your right and enter the elevator to ride it to the floor below, then exit the car to tail Psycho through the corridors ahead and stop to look down into the operating room.
    24. Continue following Psycho through the partially submerged laboratory area below and search behind any curtains for supplies, then open the indicated door at the end to enter the next room ahead and eventually exit this area to complete the mission.

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    On September 9, 2013 at 3:10 am

    i play this level but i can’t find the weapon, i just find the aliens sniper but there’s no ammo in there.. any info or help please