Crysis 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Post-Human
  • Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle
  • Mission 3: Root of all Evil
  • Mission 4: Safeties Off
  • Mission 5: Red Star Rising
  • Mission 6: Only Human
  • Mission 7: Gods and Monsters
  • Red Star Rising

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    1. Move through the open doorway in the left corner ahead and power kick the green crate on the other side to remove it from your path, then cross the pair red pipeline bridges below and use the zip-line at the end to reach the next building.
    2. Drop over the ledge in front of you to collect supplies from the surrounding area and travel north in the direction of the current objective marker, then cross the next river to enter the building ahead on the left and exit through the open window beside you.
    3. Look down on the enemies patrolling the waterways below and fire electrified arrows to eliminate them, then drop to the ground below and activate cloak mode to finish clearing the immediate area of hostiles unseen.
    4. Continue towards the current objective marker ahead and use electrified arrows to remove the hostiles standing in front of it, then approach the Ceph Mindcarrier to interact with the indicated hologram and activate the next cut scene.
    5. Afterwards, equip the pinch rifle to open fire on the surrounding enemies from behind cover and fight your way up the river towards the next current objective marker to the north.
    6. Collect advanced alien weaponry from the fallen cephs and continue north to drop into the next neighborhood below, then use your visor to mark the enemy locations towards the left and right forks in the waterway ahead.
    7. Enter the buildings along the left fork in the river and activate armor mode to clear out the enemies on both floors with an automatic rifle, then search the upper levels for supplies and return to the waterway below.
    8. Continue down the left side of the river’s fork to hack into the next auto-turret in the ruins above on the right and jump onto the second story to land beside it, then search the area for supplies and eliminate any remaining enemies inside the structure.
    9. Jump to the third floor of this building to hack into the next auto-turret above and eliminate any approaching hostiles, then drop back into the previous waterway below and continue following it north towards the current objective marker.
    10. Move through the front entrance of the indicated building in the corner ahead and pass into the red rooms on the right to climb the staircase at the end, then make a right at the top through another series of rooms and exit back into the jungle on the other side.
    11. Drop into the next area below to commandeer the indicated vehicle and follow the on-screen instructions to accelerate forward, then enter the waterway below to navigate the car down the river on the right and continue ahead to approach the next objective marker.
    12. Navigate your vehicle towards the current objective marker by following the dirt roads, ramping off inclined sections of rubble and driving through the various rivers without stopping.
    13. After reaching the narrow enclosed bridge at the end, abandon your vehicle as late as possible to continue forward on foot and use the visor to mark the enemy locations ahead.
    14. Use the surrounding obstacles as cover to proceed forward across the bridge and equip a scoped-rifle to pick off the enemies perched above, then jump on top of the next bus blocking off the area and snipe eliminate the hostiles in the distance below.
    15. Continue fighting your way across the bridge to move through the next open doorway on your left and descend the long winding staircase on the other side, then drop all the way into the water-filled room at the bottom to activate a cut scene.
    16. Afterwards, collect supplies in front of the burning wreckage on the right and drop down the series of ledges below to reach the dirt road at the bottom.
    17. Enter the indicated vehicle to drive through waterway ahead and follow the onscreen instructions to shoot at the surrounding hostile forces, then use weaving and braking maneuvers to evade any incoming enemy gunfire.
    18. Continue navigating the waterway and eliminating or dodging the enemies in your path to reach an enormous ship standing in the middle of the road, then drive to the right of it to drop into the next area below and fight off the surrounding hostiles to approach the left corner of the enormous guard wall ahead.
    19. Exit the vehicle and jump onto the base platform of the guard wall to collect the JAW on the right, then use the rocket launcher to finish eliminating the larger ceph hostiles and climb the steps ahead on the left.
    20. Approach the generator with multicolored buttons at the top of the stairs and use it to open the gate, then drop back to the ground below to re-enter your vehicle and proceed forward up the road in the direction of the current objective markers.
    21. Drive through the next lake of water below to destroy or speed past the surrounding enemy forces and change vehicles up ahead on the left if necessary, then continue forward to enter the darkened pipeline at the end of the road and eventually exit out the other side.
    22. Follow the waterway towards the current objective markers until you reach the barricade blocked off by a tank at the end, then exit your vehicle to proceed forward through the obstacle on foot and equip a scoped rifle with electrified rounds.
    23. Use your visor to mark the locations of the enemies taking cover in the area below and in the distance towards the right, then snipe them from atop the ridge you’re currently occupying and switch over to the bow if necessary.
    24. Proceed towards the furthest objective marker on your right to drop into the area below and pick off the next group of enemies ahead with a scoped rifle, then continue sprinting forward to follow the waterway around to the left and jump over the pipeline in the far corner to reach the back of the building.
    25. Move forward slowly with a scoped rifle to eliminate the cluster of cephs in front of you and on the balcony above, then approach the closest objective marker ahead to climb the next ramp on the left and hack the indicated console to lower the gate.
    26. Use your visor to mark the enemy locations inside the base and enter the area over the gate you just lowered, then eliminate the hostiles on the other side to proceed up the incline and turn left at the top to collect additional supplies.
    27. Continue towards the left side of the base to climb onto the next ledge above and activate cloak mode while traveling south to ascend the staircase ahead unseen, then proceed forward over it to reach the area on the other side and collect additional supplies nearby.
    28. Proceed forward along the left-side wall to drop into the next area below and hack the next auto-turret in front of you, then use the surrounding cover points with cloak mode to slip past or silently eliminate the group of enemies ahead and on the catwalks above.
    29. Ascend the staircase in the back corner ahead to turn around the top and take cover behind the nearby crates, then hack the next auto-turret in front of you and collect the R.E.X. Charge laying beside it.
    30. Approach the current objective marker to place the charge on the indicated defense system and retreat to a safe distance to detonate the explosives, then return to the previous staircase and activate armor mode to eliminate the enemies climbing the steps beneath you.
    31. Descend the steps to turn left at the bottom and activate cloak mode to slip past or silently eliminate the enemies ahead, then climb the first staircase on your right to use the console with multicolored button at the top and extend a bridge beside you.
    32. Cross the bridge under cloak mode to make a right on the other side and eliminate any hostiles blocking your path, then open the indicated door around back and enter the elevator to complete this mission.

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    On September 9, 2013 at 3:10 am

    i play this level but i can’t find the weapon, i just find the aliens sniper but there’s no ammo in there.. any info or help please