Crysis 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Post-Human
  • Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle
  • Mission 3: Root of all Evil
  • Mission 4: Safeties Off
  • Mission 5: Red Star Rising
  • Mission 6: Only Human
  • Mission 7: Gods and Monsters
  • Only Human

    Part 1:

    1. Collect supplies from the crates in front of you and approach the indicated piece of rubbles on your left to power kick them, then proceed forward along the jungle path and pick up the weaponry located beside the next fiery crash ahead.
    2. Cross through the pond at the top of the hill to mark the enemy locations in the next area below and move into the corner on your right, then drop onto the rock ledge in front of you and equip a sniper rifle.
    3. Activate armor mode and zoom in with your sniper rifle on the enemies across from you in the distance, then stabilize the weapon each time to start picking them off one-by-one and drop into the area below on the right to avoid being killed.
    4. Turn back towards the ledges across from you in the distance and continue sniping the hostiles patrolling at various elevations, then move through the open doorway on your right to escape enemy gunfire and head forward along the designated path.
    5. Execute a power kick to clear the doorway ahead and proceed forward through it to turn the corner in front of you, then use the zipline to land on the next ledge below and collect supplies from the surrounding crates.
    6. Use your sniper rifle to zoom in on the enemies occupying the buildings across from you and pick them off to clear the area of threats, then drop to the next ledge below and continue falling to reach the waterway at the bottom of the gorge.
    7. Head northeast to deactivate the mine above and turn right directly in front of the crumbling bridge to climb the hill beside it, then travel halfway through the sewer pipe at the top of the incline and turn left to jump up onto the next ledge above.
    8. Navigate through the pipeline to make the next left turn ahead and mark the nearby enemy locations, then exit out the other side of the tunnel to ascend into the room above and activate cloak mode to eliminate the nearest hostile silently from behind.
    9. Move right through the interior of the building to use the surrounding obstacles as cover and activate cloak mode again, then stay low to sneak up on each of the enemies occupying this area and take them out with silent kills.
    10. Pass through the opening in the back left corner of the room and make your way up the inclined section of concrete to reach the next floor above, then turn left at the top to mark the enemy locations on the overhead ledges and activate armor mode to prepare for battle.
    11. Snipe the xenomorphs on the surrounding ledges and anywhere at ground level to finish clearing this area, then jump up onto the rooftop in the back left corner and climb the next concrete incline nearby to enter the room above.
    12. Collect supplies from the room and exit through the open doorway on the right to activate an action sequence, then return to the previous area and mark the enemies in the oncoming ambush.
    13. Activate cloak mode to exit the room unseen via the concrete ramp and eliminate the first enemy that approaches from below, then equip a sniper rifle to zoom in on the building across the street from you and pick off any occupying enemies.
    14. Continue moving forward to descend across the rooftop and turn right at the end to mark the locations of the hostiles posted up on the opposite building, then snipe as many of these enemies as you can and jump onto the connecting concrete bridge.
    15. Cross the bridge that connects the buildings to reach the next rooftop and turn right on the other side to finish clearing any xenomorphs from this area, then head south towards the next objective marker to descend the ramp leading to the waterway below and turn left at the bottom to approach the burning rubble in the distance.
    16. Proceed towards the closest objective marker ahead to pass by the burning rubble and approach the right side of the isolated tower in the distance, then equip a rocket launcher and activate cloak mode to starting shooting down the enemy airships flying above.
    17. Finish clearing the skies of enemy vessels and continue in the direction of the closet objective marker to approach the next minefield, then hack into the first line explosives to disable them and proceed forward up the next path on your right.
    18. Ascend up the inclined section of road to disable the next mine above and turn left at the top to mark the next series of enemies’ locations, then crouch down to activate cloak mode and start sniping the hostiles as they approach.
    19. Enter the room in the corner to your right and move forward across it to approach the opening ahead on the left, then activate cloak mode and jump through the hole in the wall to finish eliminating the hostiles in this area from behind.
    20. Use grenades or a weapon equipped with explosive rounds to defeat the heavily-armed enemy that arrives next, then follow the waterway around the corner and jump over the short wall on the left to proceed towards the closest objective indicator.
    21. Move towards the electrical reaction you see above on the right and activate cloak mode to approach the next group of hostiles at close range, then hack into the nearby turret to turn it on the surrounding enemies and wait for the automated gun to finish clearing the area.
    22. Climb the incline to the right of the hacked turret and enter the next room above to activate an action sequence, then return to the area below and hack the same turret again to turn it on another wave of oncoming enemies.
    23. Wait for the hacked turret to finish clearing out the enemy ambush and descend back into the area below, then move through the hole in the wall on the left and proceed forward to the back right corner of the rooftop.
    24. Jump to the next roof above to supercharge your nanosuit and climb the incline on the right to proceed forward down the hill at the top, then descend the series of street levels to eventually land on the ground below and commandeer the nearest vehicle.
    25. Drive through the water towards the current blue objective marker and disable the minefields you encounter along the way to pass through them safely, then continue navigating the dirt roads to encounter the next enemy wave and clear them out to proceed forward alongside the tower on your left.
    26. Exit the vehicle to equip a rocket launcher and destroy the next scorcher that blocks the path ahead, then switch over to a sniper rifle to pick off the enemies on the ledge above in the distance and continue driving in the direction of the current objective marker to deactivate the minefields along the way.
    27. Continue towards the current objective marker until you reach the moat that surrounds the tower ahead, then exit your vehicle again to swim forward through the water and move left across the beach on the other side.
    28. Climb to the top of the next incline ahead and use grenades or a rocket launcher to destroy the large robotic enemy above, then turn right to hack into a pair of auto-turrets and equip a sniper rifle to zoom in on the current objective marker in the distance.
    29. Snipe the enemies occupying the ledge around the current objective marker ahead and drop into the next area far below, then collect any supplies nearby and enter the indicated sewer pipe on your right.
    30. Take a left within the pipeline ahead to jump up onto the next rock ledge beside you and continue navigating the tunnel to surface in the area above on the other side, then mark the surrounding enemy locations and activate cloak mode to approach the nearest hostile for a silent kill.
    31. Stay hidden under cloak mode to proceed through the wave of enemies ahead and eliminate them with close-range kills or a scoped rifle from a distance, then follow the waterway around to reach the burning bush at the end and turn left to climb the next cement incline in the corner.
    32. Ascend to the next rooftop area above and equip a shotgun to eliminate any remaining enemies nearby, then enter the indicated room to approach the current objective marker and activate an action sequence.
    33. Afterwards, drop back into the previous waterway below and activate cloak or armor mode to start engaging enemies in the surrounding area.
    34. Mark the enemies’ location to hunt them down and finish clearing the area, then ascend in the direction of the current objective marker to disable the next auto-turret above and cross the cement bridge in front of it to collect weaponry on the other side.
    35. Enter the VTOL to regroup with Psycho and start the in-flight battle, then follow the on-screen instructions to put the enemy aircraft in your sights and open fire to blow them out of the sky.
    36. Continue destroying the enemy vessels that fly into your path until the VTOL is able to land in the next area below, then commandeer the turret on the right and use it to mow down the next wave of hostiles that descend in front of you.
    37. Sweep the turret back and forth across the area to finish eliminating the ground troops, then open fire on the next transport ship above to destroy it before more enemies are deployed.
    38. Clear the area to activate the next action sequence and encounter the Ceph Mastermind, then resupply on special ammo and activate cloak mode to step back out into the open.
    39. Supercharge your nanosuit at the nearby generator and equip a grenade or rocket launcher to point at the Ceph Mastermind’s head, then open fire repeatedly from a distance to inflict damage on this massive enemy before it can attack again.
    40. Continue firing at the ceph boss until his weaponry start to glow red, then sprint sideways to evade the incoming projectiles and switch to the next most powerful gun when the current one has been depleted.
    41. Stay on the move to avoid taking damage consistently and throw well-aimed grenades whenever possible to continue attacking the Ceph Mastermind, then return to cover behind the concrete slabs and resupply on the necessary ammunition.
    42. When the swarm of drones above the ceph’s head begins to open fire on you, equip a scoped automatic weapon to shoot them out of the air one-by-one and find cover as soon as possible.
    43. Drain the Ceph Mastermind’s health with explosive or electrified rounds until a cut scene activates in which you are captured by this enemy, then tap the indicated button to free yourself and continue firing to reach cover again safely.
    44. Retreat to a safe distance from the massive ceph and equip a scoped automatic weapon, then use it to mow down the next wave of approaching ground troops and continue inflicting damage on the boss with it.
    45. Sprint in and out from behind cover to continue evading the enemy assaults, then finish off the Ceph Mastermind with explosive or electrified arrow rounds and approach the next objective marker to complete this mission.

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    On September 9, 2013 at 3:10 am

    i play this level but i can’t find the weapon, i just find the aliens sniper but there’s no ammo in there.. any info or help please