Crysis Producer: Dual Screen Tech ‘A Novelty’

An honest assessment means accepting that Nintendo owned the current generation for most of it, with worldwide sales as of last month standing at just over 95 million. However, it did so primarily by being cheaper. Unfortunately, nintendo seems to have gotten into their heads that what made it so popular was the annoying, gimmicky motion controller. And the other console makers seemed to have fallen into the same trap, which is why we have stupid Kinect functionality, and Move.

Thus, the console makers seem to have decided that the way to win the next generation is to come up with the next shiny gimmick. Hence the amazingly convoluted Wii U which, I’ll admit, shows promise, however nothing I saw at E3 convinced me the tablet controller is anything more than an distraction. And hence also the Xbox SmartGlass, which provides an exciting way for you to explode your bill and draw down your battery by connecting your smartphone to your xbox controller, for… some reason.

Anyway, they’re dumb, but more importantly, they do nothing to actually enhance the experience of play, they just give you more crap to fiddle around with. It remains to be seen whether developers embrace them, but I think we might be able rule out Crytek, because Crysis 3 producer Mike Read agrees with me. When asked during an interview with CVG about SmartGlass and Wii U, he diplomatically called both products out:

“In terms of the dual screen stuff, I personally believe it’s a bit of a novelty at this point. If I would to have to point at anything that really moves into next gen, I think it’s cloud gaming.

Translation: They’re fads. Beanie babies. Pet Rocks. Ke$ha. While he wasn’t speaking for Crytek, I hope he reflects the prevailing attitude, because I’m sick of the casual market, which will never really care, being slavered over by the major developers. People who play angry birds exclusively aren’t going to become hard core gamers. They just aren’t.

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2 Comments on Crysis Producer: Dual Screen Tech ‘A Novelty’


On July 27, 2012 at 10:23 am

falled to “fallen”? nice article


On July 29, 2012 at 11:22 am

Wireframe graphics were a fad once; graphics cards were a fad; DVD’s, cameras on phones, touch screens, the internet, all these things were fads until they became cheap enough for mass marketing and/or popular enough for true innovation.
This isn’t me defending Nintendo or their recent policy of ‘forced evolution’ but it wasn’t their fault that they were the only ones willing to make proper use of the new technology. It could have been the new standard of game control if it had worked (it didn’t and it isn’t) but at least they tried’ and for some; like my mother and sister; it allowed them to experience a fraction of what us long time gamers have sadly taken for granted.
I have no interest in the WiiU; I agree that it looks gimmicky and (conceptually) outdated; but if I had to choose between a console that would allow people like my mum to giggle like a child or Crytek’s uniquely beautiful brand of generic, macho shooter games as the future of the industry, I’d have to reaquaint myself with some old friends.
It’s been a while since I hung out with Mario and Zelda, I wonder how they’re doing?