Crytek Bemoans Piracy


Speaking to PC Gamer’s Tom Francis at the San Francisco Crysis event we covered last week, Senior Creative Director Rasmus Højengaard was asked whether Crytek was considering extra anti-piracy measures, in light of how much Crysis 2 was pirated last time out. Here is his response:

“I can’t say. It’s unfortunate that you don’t win any awards for most downloaded game. But yeah, obviously it’s something we’d like to address. Certainly people apparently really want to play our games, they just don’t wanna buy them. So we’ll do what we can, but whatever that’s gonna be is hard to say yet.”

Højengaard may be right, but there’s an alternative explanation: since gamers often pirate titles they’re unsure about, is it possible that people were just on the fence about Crysis 2, and decided to take the mouse-finger discount rather than pay full price for a potentially disappointing game?

Regardless of the reason, let’s hope that Crytek doesn’t do anything rash with Crysis 3. Developer opinions on the piracy issue range from the sensible to the silly, but one thing is consistent: nothing can ruin a game like over-aggressive DRM.

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4 Comments on Crytek Bemoans Piracy


On April 30, 2012 at 11:12 pm

I would buy the game if it didn’t require Origin. Like so many other people. Get a decent publisher and your problems would go away.


On May 1, 2012 at 9:38 am

How exactly do they get numbers for downloaded games? Do they just estimate or is there some sort of Internet Nielson Box that logs these things?

In any case, I do believe that both Crysis games were downloaded a lot, but for different reasons. In the case of the first game I think a lot of people (including myself) downloaded it to see how the game would run on their systems. At the time there was a demo out, but the demo wouldn’t allow one to max the settings, so it sort of was useless. I went out and purchased the game once I knew all was well, as well as the Warhead expansion.

Crysis 2 on the other hand wasn’t so much of a PC stress test like the first game was. It was released under DX 9 tech, and was using a console-compatable engine. I tend to think that console port style games tend to be downloaded more because no PC user wants to spend 60 bucks on some Xbox360 quality game (which in many cases, the PC versions still have X box buttons in the menu, like Kane and Lynch for example) Not to say that Crytek didn’t at least make the PC verison more distinguishable from the consoles. It obviously was the best looking, even though again, it lacked a lot of the GFX settings and things we were promised.

In the end I also purchased Crysis 2, and enjoyed it despite its flaws. I think if Crytek wants to keep their game from being pirated rather than purchased, they need to maintain their focus on the PC format, while not leaving out the next-gen console market. But since Crysis 3 is apparently coming at us fast, I suspect another Crysis 2 situation as far as this game being downloaded for free goes.


On May 1, 2012 at 10:12 am

So you’re saying the first game was pirated because they concentrated on the PC format, and the second was pirated because they didn’t focus on the PC format?