Czech President Weighs In On Arrested ArmA 3 Devs

With the fates of Bohemia Interactive’s Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar increasingly uncertain, Czech Republic president Václav Klaus has reached out personally to the president of Greece to secure their release.

The duo have been charged with espionage for allegedly taking photos of a military instillation on the island of Limnos, and if convicted face up to 40 years in prison. Unfortunately, the prospect of a speedy trial is dim, as Greece currently suffers from massive unrest and a corresponding decline in public services, due to idiotic austerity measures imposed on the Hellenic Republic by the EU. To illustrate how slow things are going, Buchta and Pezlar had to wait more than 70 days for their request for bail to be denied.

With that seemingly indefinite stay in Greek detention in mind, the President of the Czech republic has now publicly weighed in on the matter, urging Greek authorities to speed it up:

I would like to address a matter of two Czech citizens who were arrested in Greece and charged with espionage. This case is very sensitive to the Czech public and also to me as President of the Republic. The fate of our citizens anywhere in the world matters to us.

I have no doubt that the democratic Greek authorities – police, prosecutors and the courts – will consider this unfortunate matter impartially and independently. Even I do not in any way want to interfere with their work.

I want to ask you, Mr. President, to follow this unfortunate affair with special attention considering the excellent relations between our nations so this does not throw unnecessary shade onto our relationship.

Once again, I want to assure you that I have the utmost certainty that our accused citizens will be given all the rights in the search for justice by the Greek authorities.

Bohemia Interactive has vociferously denied that the duo were spying, claiming instead they were taking a vacation. This defense is somewhat unbelievable, considering that the two announced plans to take a trip to Greece to scout locations for ArmA 3, and mentioned the military base as one of said locations. We’ll see how this progresses now that it’s officially a matter for Presidents.

Via GI.

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3 Comments on Czech President Weighs In On Arrested ArmA 3 Devs


On November 23, 2012 at 3:20 pm

While I don’t have much sympathy for the overall situation since they were told by their own forum members that this would happen, I do sympathize with being stuck in a sort of limbo because there basically isn’t funding to get things moving at a decent pace. Unfortunately, the Czech president has done about all he can do in regard to getting Greece to speed this up.


On November 23, 2012 at 3:57 pm

“due to idiotic austerity measures imposed on the Hellenic Republic by the EU”
Good heavens no! Not people being held accountable for their own f-ups in not coming up with a sustainable budget due to rampant overspending on entitlement programs! If you’re going to take Germany’s money to keep your pathetic nation solvent, then Germany has the right, nay the obligation, to make sure that money is going to the right spots and not let you become a never-ending leak that the EU can only throw money at.


On November 23, 2012 at 9:03 pm

I think they got what was coming to them and they should be tried to the full maximum charge possible, Taking pictures of that base so they could put it into a video game for the world to see is extremely stupid and a threat to that nations security.

If you don’t have the imagination to come up with something for a video game then you probably shouldn’t be in the business of working on them.