Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King – Spells Locations Guide

Uncover all four new spells in the Crown of the Sunken King add-on for Dark Souls 2 with our quick guide.

The deadly sunken city is home to tons of enemies that want you dead. Needless to say, exploration won’t be easy for you frail magicians out there. Make a bee-line straight for the additional hexes, miracles, and sorcery powers and power-up to complete another challenging chapter in From Software’s punishingly difficult DLC.

Watch as we explore the new Dark Souls 2 DLC with our Crown of the Sunken King walkthrough with Mitch.

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Spells Locations Guide

There are four new spells located in the Crown of the Sunken King DLC. See where to find them, and what they do, in the entries below.


  • Dark Greatsword
    • Effect: Projectile similar to the Soul Greatsword. Launches a sword-like darkness projectile attack.
    • Location: Reach the Priestess’ Chamber Bonfire (3rd Bonfine) in Shulva – Sanctum City to spot the chest while riding an elevator. Step off the elevator to reach the container in a small room.
  • Promised Walk of Peace
    • Effect: Area-of-effect debuff; slows the caster and nearby opponents to a crawl.
    • Location: At the second Bonfire in Shulva – Sanctum City, move up the twisting rocky hill toward a set of stairs near the cliff’s edge. There’s a lower platform you can drop down onto. Look above beyond the gap to spot a switch behind some vases in a rock alcove. Shoot it and the platform will rise up, leading into the chamber with a dead body on the left wall.


  • Denial
    • Effect: Self-Buff – keeps the player alive with a small fraction of health when killed.
    • Location: Right at the start of the Dragon’s Sanctum, look for a round door across the spikes at the start. There are switches out of range that the player must shoot to reach the spell. Shoot through the openings in the door to create a doorway then run across the spikes and go inside to collect the spell.


  • Focus Souls
    • Effect: Similar to Soul Bolt; launches four souls that track targets at close-range.
    • Location: Inside Shulva – Sanctum City and past the second bonfire you’ll reach a bridge where a dragon kills two Sanctum Knights with fireballs in a scripted event. Go down a path to the right before stepping onto the bridge and smash the vases to find a corpse carrying this spell.

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