Dark Souls 2: Estus Flask Shards Locations Guide

Carry even more healing items in Dark Souls 2 with these Estus Flask Shard locations. The infinitely rechargeable Estus Flask is your trustiest healing item in the Souls sequel, but you only start with a handful. Get big bonuses and bring the count up to bring more of these potions into combat — if you can find all the extra upgrades.

Estus Flask Shards are extremely hard to find alone. Stop scrounging for health, improve your chances of survival with the guide below.

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Estus Flask Shards Locations Guide

How to Use Estus Flask Shards:

Interact with the Emerald Herald near the Far Fire bonfire location in Majula to offer certain items. Giving her Estus Flask Shards in the menu will upgrade the amount of healing charges the Estus Flask contains.

The Estus Flask can be upgraded to contain a total of 12 charges.

Shard #1:

  • Location: Majula

Near the massive hole in the center of Majula, look for a smaller well. Strike the counter-weight stone with an attack to raise a corpse holding the first shard.

Shard #2:

  • Location: Majula

Inside the abandoned mansion in Majula, you’ll find a dead body with the second easy-to-find Estus Flask Shard, guarded by a single enemy.

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Travel into the dark cavern underneath the basement map room to find the body.

Shard #3:

  • Location: Foreste of Fallen Giants

Reach the Cardinal Tower bonfire and travel upstairs to find a locked wooden door. Either use the key, or strike the door to break it down.

Break through the crates and barrels to find a treasure chest containing the shard.

Shard #4:

  • Location: No-Man’s Wharf

Inside the dark wharf, you’ll need to travel upward to find a switch that summons the ghostly ship into the harbor. Once you’ve brought the ship into the cave, travel downward.

Below, you’ll find a house containing sleeping human-sized opponents. Deal with them, and watch out for the poison urns. Inside this building, you’ll find a treasure chest with another shard.

Shard #5:

  • Location: The Lost Bastille

Teleport to the Exile Holding Cells bonfire location, and locate the nearby sleeping knight. These white-armored resting enemies are called Heide Knights. There should be a ladder near his location.

Climb down the ladder and exit the next area, sticking to the left-hand wall as you leave. Look for a narrow path leading toward the Blacksmith’s shop past the scaffolding. Go around the building to find a metal chest with yet another shard.

Shard #6:

  • Location: Earthen Peak

Just as you enter the Earthen Peak through Harvest Valley, go down the pathway to the right inside the large room filled with poison water. Near a Pharros Lock, you’ll find a corpse with the glowing item.

Shard #7:

  • Location: Shaded Woods

After unfreezing Rosabeth and flipping the switch she was formerly blocking, you’ll enter another set of ruins with several small chambers.

Look to the right side of the room, on the ground floor, for a treasure chest containing the shard.

Shard #8:

  • Location: Shaded Woods

Near the Shaded Ruins bonfire, look for a hidden wooden floor that can be smashed, leading into a cave that takes you to Weaponsmith Ornifex. This black bird-like creature is behind a locked door requiring the Fang Key, which can be collected by un-freezing and defeating one of the tribal enemies on the rocky ledge above the cave.

Once the door is unlocked, look on the ground nearby to find the shard.

Shard #9:

  • Location: Brightstone Cove Tseldora

Before entering the Mist Door and fighting the Prowling Magus boss, look around for a fake wall. It’s in the room just previous to the arena.

Attack the walls to discover the hidden path leading to a corpse with the glowing shard.

Shard #10:

  • Location: Brightstone Cove Tseldora

This one can be tricky to find. After the Prowling Magus boss, you’ll enter the cove town from above. In the large area with zip-lines and wizards, you should be standing over a massive sand sinkhole.

In this area, look for a building across with an undead mage near two explosive barrels on the rooftop. Ride the zipline across the gap, then inch along the wooden path to drop down onto the roof, and then onto the landing to get inside.

Shard #11:

  • Location: Drangleic Castle

After dealing with the twin Dragonriders, you’ll have to fight your way to a grand hallway decorated with Elephant-man statues. From here, you’ll enter a large room full of weaponry mounted on the walls.

Ahead you’ll find a switch that creates a shortcut back to a previous bonfire. Look nearby to find a treasure chest containing a shard.

Shard #12:

  • Location: Shrine of Amana

The final shard is tricky. After reaching the second bonfire in the Shrine, progress until you face off against an ugly Ogre. This Ogre is protecting a narrow path through the water, leading to a metal treasure chest.

Follow the pillars jutting from the water to find the approximate path. On a ledge, before reaching the chest, you’ll find a corpse with the final shard. Look for it after dealing with two more of the magic missile-launching sorcerers.

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