Dark Souls 2: How to Fight the Secret Darklurker Optional Boss

Dark Souls 2 features plenty of pitch black exploration, but nowhere is more devoid of light than the Dark Chasm of Old. Deep in this secret area you’ll find the ultimate challenge — the Darklurker.

Just getting to this hidden boss is a challenge. You’ll need to locate three secret shrines, then defeat three gauntlets of enemies. See where to go and what to do in the Abyss to challenge the most secretive optional boss in Dark Souls 2 with the instructions below.

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How to Fight the Secret Darklurker Optional Boss

  • The Darklurker is located in the Dark Chasm of Old, past a series of extremely challenging opponents.
  • To enter the Dark Chasm of Old and fight the Darklurker, you’ll need to join the Pilgrims of Dark covenant and reach Rank 2.
  • Check the sections below for details on how to join the covenant, and how to reach Rank 2.
  • How to Join the Pilgrims of the Dark Covenant:
    • Talk to the mysterious Grandahl in three different dark locations across the kingdom. During the third talk he’ll offer to let you join. Use the Abyss Seal and offer an Effigy to open a portal to a new location called the Dark Chasm of Old.
    • Black Gulch: Far down the path, there’s a hard-to-see ledge in the area with the worms and black lurkers. Use a torch to spot areas to drop down to. Find a large locked door, then drop down further to find a tunnel. Go through and defeat the two enemies inside to gain a key. Return to the locked door above to find Grandahl.
    • Shaded Ruin: Before reaching the scorpion, look to the right of the ramp for a breakable wooden floor. Drop through to find Grandahl.
    • Drangleic Castle: Search the large room next to the King’s Gate Bonfire, he’s behind a locked door in the back left edge of the chamber.
  • How to Rank Up:
    • Rank 1: Clear one section of the chasm / Rewarded with Resonant Soul
    • Rank 2: Light all 3 Braziers in the chasm / Rewarded with a Great Resonant Soul
    • Rank 3: Defeat the boss of the Dark Chasm / Rewarded with Xanthous Crown, Xanthous Waistcloth, Xanthous Gloves, Xanthous Overcoat, Climax

How to Reach the Darklurker

  • Once you’ve opened the gate to the Dark Chasm of Old, you’ll need to reach three sections of the area. In each one, you’ll face a series of opponents to defeat.
  • Bring them down, then light the sconce at the end with your torch. Light all three braziers to activate the elevator leading to the Darklurker after speaking with Grandahl.
  • If you die in the Abyss, you’ll have to offer a Human Effigy to Grandahl to re-open the portal.
  • Once you’re Rank 2 in the Covenant, the elevator inside the Dark Chasm of Old will activate. Travel there through the Drangleic Castle portal.

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