Dark Souls 2: How to Get Down the Pit in Majula

Want to know what’s down the huge pit in the opening town of Dark Souls 2? So do we, and there’s a way to get down safely. For most of us, you’ll just have to get tough enough to survive the drop. But, there’s a mysterious man that will provide an extra long ladder… if you’ve got the souls.

Make a ladder appear with a little help from our guide below. If you’re having trouble, check out our Dark Souls 2 boss strategies and tips for notes on every titanic monster. If it’s secrets you’re after, browse our list of Dark Souls 2 cheats to find location guides, unlockables, exploits, and anything else special for From Software’s sequel.

How to Get Down the Pit in Majula

To get down the massive, dangerous pit in the center of Majula, you’ll need a ladder. Not just any ladder, either.

Once you’ve reached the Central Earthen Peak bonfire, past the Hunter’s Copse and through Harvest Valley, you’ll find an outer walkway in the massive tower, looking out over a huge windbow.

On the walkway, there are multiple wooden railings. Smash them, and move along the ledge left to find a man. Talk to him, and he’ll offer to lend you a bridge for 2000 souls.

After acquiring his services, he’ll return to Majula. You may need to purchase the Miniature Ladder model in his inventory for 6699.

You’ll find him waiting near the giant pit in Majula. Talk to him, and he’ll offer to build another ladder. The length of the ladder is based on your donation — the bigger the donation, the further the ladder will reach.

Ladder Donation:

  • 500 – Shortest
  • 3000 – Middle
  • 12000 – Longest

Purchase the Silver Cat Ring from the magical cat merchant in Majula to decrease fall damage — it will help, even if you buy the ladder.

Follow the walkways at the bottom of the ladder, dropping from platform to platform, and you’ll reach a sewer-like area, which leads into a mess of scaffolding.

Keep climbing down and you’ll eventually reach a mysterious, massive hole in the ground called The Gutter. Is that a heartbeat in the distance? Check it out for yourself and see.

Halfway down the pit, you’ll also find the entrance to the Tomb of Saints. Naturally, this optional area leads to the Gutter.

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4 Comments on Dark Souls 2: How to Get Down the Pit in Majula

Rick Sanctum

On March 15, 2014 at 12:22 pm

Or, buy the silver cat ring from the cat in tho house right next to it…the ring reduces fall damage

Kevin Thielenhaus

On March 17, 2014 at 10:26 am

@Rick Sanctum: The ring does help, thanks for pointing that out to us! Still, I managed to get to the ladder way before the ring was useful for the pit, my health was still too low to survive that first drop.

Not to mention, the Ladder Miniature the merchant sells comes in handy later, too.

Kyle Smith

On March 19, 2014 at 8:23 pm

The silvercat ring is effective enough to reach the Grave of Saints if you remove weapons and armour before attempting to fall. You might need to heal after each jump or 2 but it’s definitely possible! Saves you from spending a ton of souls on the ladders especially since there is a bonfire waiting for you to travel back and forth.


On August 11, 2014 at 8:36 am

You can also use the Fall Control spell to go down without a ladder. Also, the Jester leggings reduce fall damage as well.