Dark Souls 2: How to Open Forgotten Doors & Find Havel’s Armor

Don’t let a few locked doors get you down in Dark Souls 2. One of the trickiest keys to obtain also leads to one of the best armor-related call-backs to Dark Souls 1.

Once you’ve reached the darkness of the Black Gulch, you’ll be able to gain Havel’s Armor, and the key to odd magical doors scattered across Drangleic. See how to get the key, what doors it opens, and how to find Havel’s armor set in the guide below.

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How to Open Forgotten Doors & Find Havel’s Armor

  • Deep within the Gutter, the pit of Majula, and the Black Gulch there are intricately designed, massive doors that are mysteriously locked.
  • These large stone doors can only be opened with the special “Forgotten Key” located in the Black Gulch.

Forgotten Key Location:

  • Travel to the Hidden Chamber Bonfire in the Black Gulch. Reach it by exploring the ledge to the right of the entrance into the Rotten’s arena.
  • From the bonfire, back track to the ledge looking over a deep pit. Bring a torch and follow the ledge until spotting a platform below. It should be near an area full of black pools where spider-like abyssal creatures ambush any undead.
  • From the first platform, you’ll find a locked Forgotten door. This leads into another encounter with Darkdiver Grandahl, which you’ll need to unlock the Dark Chasm of Old secret area.
  • Look below, and drop down to a second, lower platform. Through the cave entrance, you’ll find two Giants. Defeat them to earn the Forgotten Key. In the back of this area, you can also collect a Fragrant Branch of Yore from the treasure chest.

Forgotten Door Locations:

  • The Black Gulch: Located above the giant cave described above. The door leads to Darkdiver Grandahl, who will open a portal to the Dark Chasm of Old if you find all three of his locations.
  • The Gutter: Located in a cave in the Gutter. Unlock to find Havel’s armor set.
  • Majula: Once you purchase a ladder, climb down to find another ladder leading to the locked door. Contains 3 treasure chests.

How to Find Havel’s Armor:

  • Start from the first bonfire in the Gutter. From here, turn and jump down to another rickety building below where you’ll find a ladder. Climb up and enter the dark cave full of poison-spitting figures. Fight through them, and open the forgotten door.
  • There are even more poison-spitters inside, and a vase near the back wall. Smash it to collect Havel’s Armor — one of the most useful heavy armor sets from Dark Souls 1.

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