Dark Souls 2: Navlaan’s Quest – No Kills Guide

One of the trickier quests in Dark Souls 2 comes late in the game. After meeting the crazy old sorcerer Navlaan, he’ll request unique items from four specific targets he wants dead. Killing is permanent in the Souls series, so if you don’t want to give these useful merchants a dirt nap, consider the alternate methods below. See how to acquire the items without pulling a sword in the list below.

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Navlaan’s Assassination Quest – No Kills Guide

Where to Find Navlaan & Start the Assassination Quest

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan is located in Aldia’s Keep — accessible from the forked path bonfire in the Shaded Woods. Take the upper path and open the King’s Door with the King’s Ring.

The King’s Ring is located in the Undead Crypt, past the Veldstadt the Royal Aegis. Take it from Vendrick’s tomb to enter Aldia’s Keep.

Inside Aldia’s Keep look under the massive staircase to the right, in the huge entrance hall with the crumbling dragon skeleton.

To start the quest, speak with the man behind the glowing shield. Don’t pull the switch to the left — it will free him and forfeit the assassination quest.

Assassination Quest Targets – How to Get Each Item

  • For each target, Navlaan will ask you to bring him a unique item.
  • After acquiring the item, return to Navlaan to get a reward, and get your next target.
  • Complete all four targets to gain Navlaan’s Chaos Set.

Target #1: Laddersmith Gilligan

  • Where to Find: Laddersmith Gilligan is located in the Earthen Mound tower, outside the windows leading to an enclosed ledge near the spinning windmill. Speaking with him will bring him back to Majula.
  • How to Acquire: The Ladder Miniature can be purchased directly off Gilligan.
  • Navlaan Reward: Dispelling Ring

Target #2: Cale the Cartographer

  • Where to Find: In the Forest of Fallen Giants, travel to the tower bonfire and go down the ladder. Exit the castle to reach a courtyard covered in tree roots. Jump across the building rooftops to reach the scaffolding on the opposite side, leading into a cave. Talk to the man up the ramp with the falling boulder to get a key to the mansion in Majula, where he’ll wait for you.
  • How to Acquire: To get Cale’s helmet, you’ll need to light every major bonfire. After lighting every primal bonfire and defeating the final boss, return to him and go through every response to get his gear.
  • Navlaan Reward: Simpleton’s Spice

Target #3: Felkin the Outcast

  • Where to Find: Hard to miss; Felkin is just outside the first bonfire in the Huntsman’s Copse.
  • How to Acquire: Collect the Sunset Staff in Aldia’s Keep by defeating a mimic chest near the first bonfire, to the left of the entrance stairs.
  • Navlaan Reward: Forbidden Sun Pyromancy

Target #4: Emerald Herald

  • Where to Find: The Herald is usually located near the bonfire in Majula, but will travel to other locations periodically.
  • How to Acquire: Taking the elevator up from Aldia’s Keep to the Dragon Aerie, she’s waiting near the top of the lift. Talk to her and she’ll simply give the item Navlaan wants. The Aged Feather works like an infinite Homeward Bone.
  • Navlaan Reward: Unleash Magic Sorcery & Navlaan’s Chaos Set

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