Dark Souls 2: Old Iron King DLC – Smelter Wedges Locations

Dark Souls 2 Crown of the  Old Iron King Sir Alonne Boss

Devious idols grow from the ash in the Old Iron King DLC to Dark Souls 2 and there’s only one way to destroy them — Smelter Wedges. The valuable consumables are very rare, and you’re going to need them to survive against the powerful Fume Knight. Destroy all the Idols and unlock a special soul with all eleven wedge locations listed below.

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Smelter Wedges Locations Guide

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Smelter Wedges are a unique item exclusive to the “Crown of the Old Iron King” DLC area Brume Tower. They are equipped in your inventory slot. With this item selected, you’ll destroy Ashen Idols after interacting with them.

Smelter Wedges are rare, and some areas can’t be accessed without destroying the idols. Using the wedges permanently destroys the Idols, making each section easier and removing status bonuses to nearby enemies or bosses.

With all eleven (11) Smelter Wedges, players can complete the Soul of Nadalia. Learn more on our Souls of Nadalia Locations Guide.

Smelter Wedge Location #1

The first batch of six (6) smelter wedges are found just ahead of the Heavy Iron Key doors at the start of Brume Tower. Find it on an ashen body before stepping onto the huge chain leading to the main section of the tower.

Smelter Wedge Location #2

The second batch of four (4) smelter wedges is trickier to obtain. Teleport to the Foyer bonfire after acquiring the Scorching Iron Scepter and activating the elevator contraptions inside the tower.

Ride the elevator to the left of the Scorched Iron Scepter switch up, then step off onto the second nearby elevator going up. It should take you to a barred hallway near the locked Tower Key door.

Go down the hall opposite the locked (or open) gate door and into the arched passageway with bull-head statues. Fight through the enemies here and go upstairs. Under the last arch to the left, you’ll find a chest with four wedges.

Smelter Wedge Location #3

The final wedge is located on the throne past the Sir Alonne boss arena. To reach Sir Alonne, you must defeat the Fume Knight and acquire the Iron King Crown, as well as possess the Ashen Mist Heart. Travel upstairs through the Tower Key door to locate a set of armor.

If you’ve collected the Crown, the armor will glow red. Step inside, defeat Sir Alonne, and you’ll be able to collect the last Smelter Wedge.

Learn more about entering this optional area with the Old Iron King Memory Guide.

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