Dark Souls 2: Old Iron King Memory Location Guide

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Before finishing the Old Iron King add-on, there’s a few extra challenges cooperative players can undertake together.

Near the end of the tower, those possessing the Ashen Mist Heart can gain entrance into a dangerous new memory. See how to reach the Old Iron King memory, where to go, and what keys you’ll need to get there with the guide below.

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How to Access the Old Iron King Memory

Fast travel to the Foyer Bonfire — the third bonfire in Brume Tower, located near the giant kiln switch that turns on the tower elevators.

Take the iron ore lift up (Left of the Scorching Iron Scepter key switch) and step off at the balcony. There’s another lift straight ahead. Ride up and go through the locked Tower Key door.

The Tower Key door leads to yet another elevator. Ride it up and follow the stairs up and around to a circular room with a set of glowing armor.

How to Find the Tower Key Location

The Tower Key is located on the large ashen cliffs. There’s a large jutting rock platform covered with ash corpses in the lower levels of the tower. The area is guarded by several hidden headless knights carrying clubs. Check the furthest corpse to collect the key.

How to Find the Ashen Mist Heart

To use the armor, you need to collect the Ashen Mist Heart from the Ancient Dragon located in the Dragon Shrine. The Dragon Shrine is located beyond Aldia’s Keep, accessible through the King Door, opened with the King Ring found in the Undead Crypt.

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Old Iron King Memory Area

To enter this memory, you’ll need to acquire the Old Iron King Crown. Collect it by defeating the Fume Knight boss at the lowest point of Brume Tower.

This memory is much larger and more involved than others. Here you can summon cooperative partners or leave your sign to call others into the area.

The boss Sir Alonne is found at the end of this memory.

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