Dark Souls 2: Sunken King DLC – Armors Locations Guide

Protect yourself from the denizens of Dark Souls 2 and its first add-on “Crown of the Sunken King” with these new armor locations. There are two full new sets, as well as other little bits and baubles to give your Undead Champion a new look while exploring the underground city.

Watch as we explore the new Dark Souls 2 DLC with the Crown of the Sunken King walkthrough with Mitch.

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Armors Locations Guide

The “Crown of the Sunken King” DLC includes several new armor pieces. See where to find them all in the locations guide below.

  • Sanctum Knight Set
    • This set is dropped by common Sanctum Knights located in the Dragon’s Sanctum. Destroy the glowing statues to make the invisible knights appear. Equip the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, the Wandering Merchant Hat, or use Rusted Coins to improve your luck.
    • Try resting at the lower bonfire and removing the spikes (shoot the ceiling switch) to make fighting easier. Make sure to destroy the glowing-red statues before trying to fight the Knights.
  • Sanctum Soldier Gauntlet
    • Common drop from Sanctum Soldiers located in Shulva – Sanctum City. You’ll be fighting these guys a lot, so it’s likely they’ll eventually spawn a gauntlet. Try cracking out the Rusted Coins and start from the Sanctum Walk bonfire for quick farming access.
  • Drakeblood Set
    • This set is located in the Dragon’s Sanctum. Acquire the Dragon Stone in the iron chest located inside the bed of spikes area, then work downstairs to the shallow water caverns guarded by massive two-legged monsters.
    • Go left of the entrance into this area and look on the beach for stairs. Go up and insert the Dragon Stone to complete the bridge above. Take the lift up to the completed bridge and enter the upper levels of the Dragon’s Sanctum.
    • Just as you enter the interior from the tall stairwell attached to the bridge, turn left and drop through the hole. Drop down again to the floor of this stairwell, then exit to the balcony overlooking a pathway. Drop down onto the walk, then drop down onto a platform below that.
    • Turn left, step onto the platform beneath the broken bridge and take a left, then a right. Skip past the Knight and continue downstairs to find a treasure room full of opened chests. Against the wall, search the corpse to finally find this complete set.
  • Sanctum Priestess Tiara
    • This special tiara is dropped by the casting Sanctum Priestesses located in the Dragon’s Sanctum dungeon. It’s a very rare item, so go in equipped to improve your chances — wear the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, Wandering Merchant Hat, or try using Rusted Coins to boost your luck.
    • To get plenty of tries, go down to the spiked floor chambers in the lower section of the Sanctum and rest at the hidden bonfire. Open the door by shooting the button at the dark stairwell next to the bottomless pit. From here, you should have access to several Priestesses.
  • Flower Skirt
    • After acquiring the Eternal Sanctum Key from the lower levels of the Dragon Sanctum area, return to the regular Sanctum entrance from Shulva – Sanctum City and use the key on the nearby locked door. Follow the path to the optional Cave of the Dead area past the hidden Shulva bonfire near the lift mechanism.
    • The Cave of the Dead is absolutely packed with deadly poisonous enemies and spitting statues. At the end, you’ll have to deal with a boss fight consisting of three Phantoms. When they’re dead, leave their arena to find an iron chest straight ahead that contains the Flower Skirt.
  • Crown of the Sunken King
    • The eponymous crown is located in Dragon’s Rest after defeating Sinh, The Slumbering Dragon. It will appear once the player interacts with the bright light.

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