Dark Souls 2: Sunken King DLC – How to Use the Repairing Tree

Strange things abound in Dark Souls 2, but hidden away in a secret corner of the “Crown of the Sunken King” DLC Undead Champions can find a monstrous underground tree that repairs gear — but only if you give it the whip. See where to find it and how to use this bizarre addition to the cursed world of Drangleic below.

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How to Use the Repairing Tree

In one of the secret corners of Shulva – Sanctum City, players can discover a very odd unique creature that seemingly does nothing. But, if you hit it with the right weapon the tree-thing will repair all over your items.

Where to Find the Repair Tree

The odd mutated growth is found up the hill from the second bonfire in Shulva – Sanctum City. Travel along the edge and look down to find the huge stone tower/platform below. It should be adjacent to a cave in the rock wall beyond the gap that you can’t reach.

To get inside the cave, equip a bow and scan to the left of the out-of-reach path entrance. There’s a narrow ledge covered in tiny statues and a switch. Shoot the switch and the tower will rise up, creating a bridge for you to cross into the dark tunnel.

Watch out for poison statue clusters. Kill them and you’ll find a larger chamber with the Promised Walk of Peace Hexe spell and a Notched Whip on the dead bodies.

In the center of the chamber you’ll find the bizarre tree. It looks like it’s growing eyes. Nothing normally effects it, but there is a way to rouse it awake.

How to Use the Repair Tree

Near the monstrous tree, you should be able to find a Notched Whip. If there isn’t one, you can collect the Notched Whip from a dead body near the Bridge Approach bonfire in the Huntsman’s Copse.

Strike the strange tree with the Notched Whip, and it will glow with a brilliant golden light. Stand near it and you’ll see the light effect your gear. It repairs everything you’ve got equipped. Strange, but very handy.

Watch out! Hit it too many times and the tree will die. Don’t get too greedy.

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