Dark Souls 2: Sunken King DLC – Secret Memory of the King

Learn more about your endless quest for fire in this additional scene of Dark Souls 2 dialogue included with the “Crown of the Sunken King” DLC.

The mysterious figure of Vendrick is draped over every aspect of the cursed kingdom of Drangleic, but getting a chance to see him alive doesn’t answer many questions. Still, he’s got something to say about the Sunken King’s Crown and likely will have more to say in the future. See how to enter the “Memory of the King” in the quick guide below.

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Secret Memory of the King Add-On

Your mission in the “Crown of the Sunken King” is to acquire the eponymous crown for yourself. There are lots of new items, weapons, and gear — but what you might not realize is that there’s a new memory.

After completing the Sunken King DLC and acquiring the Crown, return to the Undead Crypt and use the Ashen Mist Heart on the piles of clothes in Vendrick’s boss arena. Speak with him and he’ll talk about the crown.

It’s likely he’ll also talk about the next two crowns, so don’t forget to visit Vendrick in the future to see what he says after the next two episodes are released.

Defeating Vendrick to clear his chamber isn’t easy, and it’s possible to complete the DLC quest before being able to enter ancient memories. Keep reading to see how to enter memories, and how to defeat the optional boss King Vendrick.

How to Enter Memories

To find King Vendrick’s boss arena, you’ll need to light all four Primal Bonfires and the Shrine of Winter will open in the Shaded Woods.

Through the Shrine of Winter you’ll be able to reach Drangleic Castle, and from there the Shrine of Amana, eventually getting to the Undead Crypt and reaching King Vendrick’s crypt.

But, you won’t be able to fight him yet. Take the King’s Ring and use it to open special gates leading to more petrified giants. First, head through Aldia’s Keep and reach the Dragon Shrine to find the Ancient Dragon. This huge creature will give you the Ashen Mist Heart. Now you’ll be able to enter petrified giant memories, dead dragon memories, and even the memories of a lost king.

How to Fight King Vendrick

Before you can enter King Vendrick’s past, you’ll need to reach him. Bring at least 3 Giant Souls to the deepest chamber of the crypt to initiate this optional boss fight. He can’t be damage unless you bring generic souls of giants into the fight.

Each one will make him more vulnerable, but it’s unlikely you’ll do enough damage to kill him unless you bring at least three.

Once he’s defeated, use the Ashen Mist Heart where his dressings lay. You’ll appear in the past before the King was Hollowed, allowing you to speak with the figure.

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On July 29, 2014 at 4:15 pm

you NEED 5 Giant Souls. When you have 5 Giant souls Vendrick’s defense will be at 1x, if you have only 3 GSs then his defense will be 4 times more powerful than his normal one!!! And you don’t need to kill him in order to enter his memories, you only need the Ashen Mist Heart, which is given by the “Ancient Dragon” further in the game!!!!